Reflection – The Promise of Heaven on Earth

In From the Quest - Reflections by Yeshua Lucis

When I was in the forest of the Wynden Keep, spirit told me that “we must trust that we will be delivered to the kingdom.” That there is a physical manifestation of abundance, grace and divine alignment with that which is larger, in which we feel love, peace and expansion, where our relationships are those of harmony and our connection to the Aina is clear and open.

I asked, how can we know? Just as I pull out my tablet I see the sticker on the front “Heaven on Earth”, with a rainbow underneath, as I look out the window to see another rainbow on a sign across the street. The universe is reflecting back to me, once again.

It reminds me what came to me in this very town of Wailuku a week ago. “It’s faith and surrender. Stop doubting Heaven is here now. You are Heaven on Earth. You are the deliverance. Trust the kingdom come.”

Is this not the emergent zeitgeist? Is this not the great work and goal of high alchemy itself? To embody the reality of expansion and grace, to create a new world of peace and prosperity?

What is Heaven on Earth? It is the divine template of original light expressed through the material plane. The reality of health, wholeness and abundance that is our true nature beneath the mud of the old paradigm.

How can we make it happen… other than walk the rainbow bridge to the embodiment of what makes that world. Other than heal the web of life, starting with the fabric of our own being. From the inside out, walking the firmament of our own embodiment to new ways of being and relating with the creation.

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Yeshua Lucis

Author of the Seed Within and adventurer of the real magical world tracking his path of Awakening. Learn more about him and follow his Quest.

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