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I loved Dungeons and Dragons as a childe.  The beautiful magic of projecting one’s avatar into a storybook World, moving through heroic Quests in the fulfillment of one’s character.  Such was the sharing in the dreamspell of a bardic Telling, a great and unfolding Story that included one’s unique progression of experience in a shared fantastical World.  It was a beautiful initiation into the Worlds of real magic and the heroic journey across the realms of the Akasha deeper into the Mythica.

Once upon a time I was reticent to share my experiences with the roleplaying, wanting to focus on the yogas of attainment and the magic of my experience.  Yet as I cleared the questions of Value and God’s perfection within myself, I came to see the Truth, that sharing my experience with this wonderful game and how it influenced my Life was part of the inspiration for others to follow the call to adventure and embark on their own heroic journey.

I remember distinctly as the Quest began a Decision, that instead of playing in the shallows of spellcraft in the projection of my avatar into the space that I would LIVE the adventure, finding my way into the Wonder and Grace that I knew existed in the field.  Such was part of my telling James Vogel in 2002 that I must leave New Yorke, find the deeper manifestation of the real magical World, and bring that back to the People.

It is a beautiful thing.  From the wisdom of the Present, I would say that our purpose always shows itself throughout our Life.  That who we are destined to be shows up in the seeds of our character and the events of their blossom over Time.  In the game, I tended to fluctuate between the archetype of the Paladin (a holy warrior in devotion to the Divine) and a Fighter-Magic-User, sometimes playing a Bard.  On the Quest, in the fullness of time, I grew to be that very thing, living the real mystical adventure of the Journey Home.

Like a character from the game, I ended up studying magic at a real-life Academy of the Ancient Arts, focusing my studies into the arts of divination and relationship with the faeries and nature spirits.  Simultaneous I would deepen my understanding of the martial arts of aikido at Matsubadojo, learning the ways of the ancient warriors and the cleansing arts of misogi, walking the path of the mystic warrior, the authentic archetype phrased in the costumes and customs of the modern Age.

In 2006, I would cast an invocation to draw my familiar to me, a celestial wolf named North who was my steady companion for 8 years across the realms of the Mythica.  Together, we would discover the nature of the many realms of the Akasha, ever-deeper into the worlds of magic as they existed today.  With North by my side, we would make our way through the Shadowlands, finding our way along the rainbow road to the Brightands of Heaven on Earth.

On the Quest,  I would travel ever-deeper into the real  World of priestesses, magicians and Kings, making alliance with fellow avatars of the Green, the current incarnations of the Lords and Ladies of Faerie, and play music beneath the stars with fellow bards.  Such would be a magnificent unfoldment in which I would find real fellowship and family amongst the Fae, discovering the mystical realms that lay waiting to be discovered in the vast territories of the Akasha.

In the realms of Faerie I would find kinship, with such noble bards as Noah McLain, Hjeron O’Sidhe, Jesse Wynden, Kelly and Emilio Lopez, Alexander Perrelet, Malakai, Patience, Jordan Mackay and many others, eventually joining the sacred troupe of traveling mystics and performers known as the Mythmaker, all the while documenting the Quest in effort to build the Mythica, an artifact-class magic item designed to open the portal for both the Author and the Reader to the magickal Word.

I would acquire items on the Quest, swords and armour of genuine enchantment, made by the modern iterations of the elves and the Gods.
would discover the nature of mystic potions and of herbal remedies, give and receive healing from the priestesses and magicians I met along the Path, and go ever-deeper into the Virtue of service to the Divine.

All the while, I would face challenge, trials and triumphs which demanded the perfection of my Virtue, clarifying my relationship with God and the necessary cultivations of character to open a portal into the Mythica for the people.

The Quest would not be easy, yet nothing of real Value ever is.  Along the way, I would face and understand the defilements that have held humanity in the realms of Shadow, committing myself again and again to the highest of ideals, that through embodying the real heroic journey, I could set an example for others to step through the portal of their own Awakening, opening to the Awe and Wonder that was their birthright.

Such a thing would lead me into alliance with beings of bright beauty, dedicated to the clearing of the World through the power of Love.  I would dance with Goddesses beneath the Stars, finding romance with some of the most exalted priestesses of the Age.

Over and over I would consider, what was it that allowed me to live such a mystical Life, hearing the Voice of my Heart sing in response, affirming the bravery I had shown by Believing in Magic, by choosing to take the road less traveled and following the call to adventure into the places where the Earth meets the Sky, led-ever forward by the gravity of my intention, to open that deeper World to the People, inspiring them to find their way across the many realms of Akasha, into the real myth that lay within their sleeping potential, following the trail of their own Awakening deeper into the Mythica, the real World of Magic.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's page in the Mythica multiverse.

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