Reflections – Sailing the Seas of We

In Reflections from the Quest by Peter Fae

I had to build the Mythica.

Tracking my way towards Heaven on Earth across the many realms of the Creation. It is my Divine design. The *why* I was incarnated. Such would also become the basis for Akasha Yoga, helping the people to track their journey to Heaven on Earth.

To play Peter’s role in the Great Story, my form was made to be a conduit for the Mythica. For the deep yogic understanding of synchronicity and the movement within the akasha such that I could witness and then present that direct perception. Using Stories of real wonder to anchor the new paradigm.

Peter Fae

To facilitate this task, I was born with Siddhic perception, which is the yogic word for superpowers. It wasn’t something I meditated for, nor something that was wrought of many lifetimes. Such was an awareness that came pre-packaged, built into the structure of my character to fulfill its Divine Purpose.

This was Peter’s peculiarity. His unique nature that demanded the creation of the Mythica. It was because of these Gifts that the Mythica was created.

You see, I was a tabula rasa, a ‘blank slate’. Mostly.

While we were all sharing the human condition, I came here without the patterns that make up the many cultures and traditions. I arrived ‘right off the boat’, so to speak, unknowing of the nature of life on the material plane.

I did not have the patterns from many lifetimes, and was formed only of the impressions within the material plane necessary to fulfill my function. A certain type of avatar, designed for a certain function, one that would define the nature of my entire human journey.

As a newcomer to this plane, I had the bare minimum of impressions of previous traditions. Mine was an elemental perception, raw and unfiltered. While I was made of the substance of our collective field, that lack of impressions demanded I understand form itself simply to survive. For while I had a great Gift of perception, I had no training in how to wield it.

This combination of range of awareness and ignorance of the patterns that defined the mortal condition was devastating. Both beautiful and terrible, encompassing the full range of the human experience from madness to majesty.

The subtle colours of the underlands

I felt like I was drowning. It was like trying to swim through an ocean of colours as a drop in that ocean. Where the very substance of my consciousness was changing, constantly. And while there was the range and depth, there was not the discernment. I drowned in confusion and chaos, unable to process the many patterns of the Earth plane for years.

Everything appeared as overwhelm, as shifting planes of sensation and inner transformation, in which I was constantly working to maintain my balance. I, or what I thought of as ‘I’ would shift, and with it, my entire World. The entire reality in which I existed.

This was extremely difficult, for when the ‘I’ shifted, my access to the context of consciousness that made up that “I” would change with it. Entire worlds would vanish from my gaze, and I would be in a different space.

A profoundly different space.

On the seas of the self

It felt like moving across an ocean. An ocean of the self. Where who I was and how the universe unfolded for me was my movement across the textures of that subtle water.

In which I would literally move from the mundane to the magical realities, the substance of my own inner rainbow changing with the tides.

And while sometimes that shifting road would take me to realities of Divine clarity, of harmony and health, Love and access to my siddhic virtues, other times it would take me to darkness. To confusion, anger and shame. Emotional pain and all too human despair. Where I could not see, where things were mud and madness.

Wandering through the realms of Shadow

See, when I shifted realms, my whole perspective changed. I lost access to what that shape was. When I was in the shadow realms, I could not see. I needed a way of recognizing my movement across that space, a way of navigating my position through shadow and it’s scarcities back to the realms of Love and Light along the shifting colours of my self.

Sailing the Seas of the self. The Ocean of the Akasha

Awash in the ocean of realities, I realized I had to build an anchor. A way of both holding my position in the changing substance of human becoming across the canvas of spacetime and of mapping the many realms of that oceanic expanse. A way of re-membering, of bringing it back into the body.

This proved incredibly challenging, because the very nature of the movement denied me access to the gnosis of and memory of the realms I had traveled to.

I needed a way to hold onto the vision of the Creation seen at the brighter point of reference. A vision came to me, to witness my own journey, using the photos as points of light, reminding me of the realities that I had touched. To witness my own timeline through the Akasha and the interwoven threadwork of our lives.

The rainbow road, colours across the ocean of the Akasha

This translated as the Journey Home along my own rainbow bridge between the mundane and magical versions of my reality. In which I used the photos to clarify the lines of my Story, documenting my Quest to the clarity I longed for.

I would discover so many things along the way. In which I had many trials and triumphs that gave me the discernment I so longed for, where I processed through the necessary vibrational terrain within my own human self, my part of the much larger consciousness of which I was a part. My droplet in the ocean of What Is.

This would take many years, in which I moved through a gallery of Worlds, of realities wrought around the very substance of my changing viewpoint, entire realms onto their own within the substance of that endless sea.

Worlds within the Akasha

Over time, I would come to see the range of realities within the human condition as positions within the quality of space within the Creation, and map the archetype of journey along the rainbow road through that ocean of akasha, leaving golden breadcrumbs for others to follow.

I would create the Mythica online portal where the siddhic virtue I was born with, that of perceiving the deep territories of the Creation and the space in which they exist, could blossom through the publishing, revealing the maps of our myth and the lands of our legend. The realms of the akasha and our bright journey towards a more heavenly Earth.

In the end (or, perhaps, the beginning), I discovered what it meant to “Know thy self” in it’s substance and Story, a character in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment. Where I would come to realize the purpose of my incarnation, my part in assisting in the great Awakening of the planet, presenting the map of the Mythica for others to make their own way home.

Learning the waters of the subtle self
About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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