Relationship with the Sacred

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Living the Mythical Life is all about relationships.  Our relationship with the Self, our relationship with one another; our relationship with the environment.  As we cultivate a particular way of relating with our circumstance, we experience new levels of success; of abundance, harmony and Love.

Life is not meant to be disharmonious.  To be in conflict is not our natural state.  It is a result of distortions, patterns of belief and action that re-create circumstances.  In some cases, we are not aware enough to see the difference; only feeling the bruise and the shards of our Heart when our expectations of harmony and Goodness are dashed upon the rocks.

In such circumstance, we can easily slip into blame; into shame; into any manner of negative and heavy emotional fields.  We move into a realm where our relationship with experience is one of conflict.  One of disharmony; of feeling as though our World is a violent, terrifying place.

Yet this is not the way things really are.  Past the distortions, past the confusion, there is something else.  Something beautiful.  Something sacred.

A life filled with Joy, with Wonder and Expansion.

At the core of this transition from negativity to harmony is our relationship.  The way we interact with the experiences of our lives.  It is a healthy practice, to consider just how we relate to the World, after all.  Is it from a  place of War? Or a place of Peace? Is it from a place of Hatred? Or a place of Love? In the end, It is these emotional fields that determine our movement towards sanctity or suffering.  They are the checkpoints on our journey Home, to the peacefulness that is our birthright.

Very often we hear about practices of gratitude.  About practices of having a good attitude towards circumstance.  Such things are more than just platitudes.  They are real energetic techniques for changing one’s relationship with experience.  For dissolving the issues the patterns that have held us back so that we can truly step into the harmony that is our actual Truth.

Core to this is the understanding of the sacredness of Life.

When I studied at the Academy, there was great emphasis placed on kindness.  On considering all aspects of Life sacred.  At the time, I didn’t have a great relationship with the sacred.  In fact, my energy was quite opposed to anything even remotely related to a sense of reverence or devotion to the World.  I was in a place of conflict.

Yet conflict did not serve me.  When I held those kinds of energies, it only made situations worse.  My resentment towards the situation was the very chaff that created the situation anew.  I wanted so badly to be free from the confusion and distortion, to have a better relationship with the World.

It wasn’t easy.  Yet I had to do it.  I had to reframe the way in which I interacted; with people, with places, with the circumstances of my life.  Despite the massive reactions that were going on inside of me; I had to find a way to appreciate the situations that I was in.  Even more deeply; I had to find a way to see those experiences as sacred.  As existing in a place worthy of reverence.

Not so easy when everything around You seems to be falling apart.  When our lives seem filled with disharmony and dysfunction.  Yet despite this, I tried.  And I tried again.  And again.  I discovered techniques, many of which You can learn at the Academy; which helped me move forward.  Slowly, surely, I started changing the ways in which I approached what felt like fractures in my World from distaste to appreciation.

I repeat; it wasn’t easy.  Yet, as I continued to do this, as my relationship, the way I related to those experiences changed; so did the way they occurred in my field.

For me, it came down to a simplicity.  Either everything in my Life is serving a deeper purpose, or it isn’t.  Either everything is sacred or nothing is.  And if such was the case, what style of relating to the experience would bring me the best results?

If this applies to You; I offer this as a consideration.  What is your relationship to your Life? How do you relate? Do you approach from a place of conflict? Or from a place of Love? Is your Life, EVERY aspect of it; part of a sacred movement; one that lies outside your current range of awareness; or not?

When we resolve those questions, when we act on them; our World changes.  It is when we regard the World as sacred that the sacred comes alive.

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