The Resonance Academy

In World of the Mythica by Yeshua Lucis

The Resonance Academy is an aspect of the evergrowing educational institutions supporting the emergent paradigm. Both Nassim Haramein and Adam Apollo are key creators of its galactic academy within the Akasha of the internet.

Whereas the Mythica focuses on the yogic perception and application of how we are all connected, the Resonance Academy bridges this into the scientific paradigm of ‘Unified Physics’, appealing to all those aspects of the Collective Consciosuness that it is divinely destined to in the Great Story of our shared Awakening.

Its arrival on my path carried the appropriate codes of light for my own evolution in consciousness at that time, in 2014. That of bridging my understanding of the sacred geometries of creation with a unifying perspective that explored the curvature of space-time, showing the mystical architecture of ancient sacred sites and the connections with the energetic gridwork of the Earth. A piece of the puzzle for my own deepening discovery of the sacred mysteries.

From whatever approach we come from, there is an appropriateness to the vessel that arrives to remind us that everything in the Universe is Interconnected, that we are sharing energies in a web of cause and effect. That each of us is part of something larger, a divine intellegence that breathes through all of Creation.

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Yeshua Lucis is the Author of the Seed Within, an Explorer of the real magical world of synchronicity and Awakening, and an Akashic Yogi tracking his timeline to Heaven on Earth. Explore his Story.

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