Returning to Sensual Sisterhood

Remembering the sacred communion of the divine feminine~


*Sisterhood: In this article, sisterhood means the deep bond between women, those blood and non-blood related. Because the truth is that we are all blood related at some level and the sooner we embody this principal the better.

“Her tongue flickered in dancing steps of ecstasy across my breast, causing the golden nectar of a thousand honey blossoms to pour out of me in star burst spirals of life force energy.”

What is woman as goddess? What is sisterhood? These days, what qualifies as sisterhood is a lot of talking. Processing about the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life, conversations about men and gossiping about other sisters. Even a lot of woman circles center around talking and processing from a mental level. There is a place for this, however, if we don’t dare to dive deeper than our own mental constructs and perceptions of reality, which may or may not be real, into the true mysteries of our bodies and what it means to be women, not only will we perish internally, but our whole external civilization will continue to crumble. This is what it means to deepen into the Mythica. To dive beneath the surface ways of relating into something more ancient and rich. I have come to see that the true communion of the sisters lies in sharing the magic of our wombs.

What is feminine essence? A mysterious question, for the Feminine speaks in the geometry of a flower and the dark space between the stars. The Feminine cannot be measure with scientific yard sticks, or corralled with this hormone or that medication. She is the creative force of this entire planet! She is the fabric of existence! And we are her. Our bodies are made of the Earth, not separate from her. When we worship life as an act of lovemaking, we align with the truest power in this universe. The force that created all that is. When we embody our feminine essences and reclaim our body wisdom through sensuously loving ourselves and each other, we will come back to wholeness and the world will be closer to balance.


In not so ancient times, women were in tune with the wisdom of their bodies, the cycles of the earth and whole cultures were based upon this embodiment. Woman passed the wisdom down generation to generation. Now we pass down insecurities about our weight. We pass down fears about not fitting into the system. We pass down a fear of our bodies and our sexuality. We pass down the paradox of needing to be pretty, but not too pretty as to be suggestive. As a culture, we drop our children off at schools that value algebra over classes in how to relate to one another, English over sexuality. Our feminine ways have been co-opted by performance and competition based society. Even the “powerful” woman role models of our age have had to compromise deep feminine wisdom in order to be part of the world. A recent example of a woman revealing this was Arianna Huffington. The only way to hijack the sexual energy of the planet was to destroy the sisterhood so mother’s and grandmothers and crones were not teaching the blood mysteries, or the art of ritual lovemaking. Where are the sexual priestesses? Relegated to the back pages of a society gone mad. Where are the woman red tents? Almost completely eradicated. However, they are coming back, for that which is true cannot killed. You cannot make a woman stop bleeding. You cannot make women stop birthing. You cannot stop the natural processes of life. However, you can distort instead of exalt these mysteries. We are remembering and restoring.


My deepening into sacred sensual sisterhood happened so naturally that one may be tempted to claim it was an “accident”. Yet I know better, for the best things in life I do not plan with my conscious mind or force with will. The best things come like a rainbow on a stormy day, or a flower bursting into full bloom. They are surprise gold coins placed at particular moments on the path to keep leading toward the treasure.

I don’t consider myself to be bisexual. I never have felt sexually attracted to a woman like I have to a man. Yet, at the beginning of 2016, I felt a stirring in my soul to sensually connect with sisters: a primal desire from my core to sensually adore another feminine body as an act of devotion to the Divine Feminine! It felt so strange to me that I had never massaged another woman’s breasts, or intentionally looked at another woman’s yoni. This desire whispered to me from an age long ago in tendrils of sweet incense, flickering candlelight, soft voices of wisdom, tender touch.

The story starts with my dear friend. It was Valentine’s Day and we had decided to dedicate this day of Love to nurturing each other in divine sisterhood. So we packed up a rose blanket, sound healing tools, massage oil, treats, and our intentions to deepen into ecstatic love to a beach on the North Shore of Kauai. IMG_3205It was the best Valentine’s Day I’d ever had. We prayed and set intentions to only align with our highest possible soul partner and stay dedicated to the sisterhood and our creativity. Then we traded healing sessions. I was naked to feel the sun illuminate my skin. She started lightly running her fingers over the length of my body, including my breasts. It felt so natural like it would be fighting a current not to do it. There was a sweet, light sensuality coupled with deep healing. She then combined it with her incredible channeled blessing affirmations. It sent me into a state of complete ecstatic bliss to where my body was undulating in orgasmic waves, and we soared together in the angelic realms. I actually saw her angel wings emanate from her body. After that experience, we both expressed how we felt called to share sensual healing on a deeper level, like we were waking up a distant memory that used to be so familiar to us. So we planned a night of sacred exploration at the Eternal Flame Sanctuary (which is where we met and where she was staying). We set temple space with candles, sound healing tools, massage oil, and crystals. We both resonate as priestesses of Isis and the Rose line, so we evoked the presence of the divine mother through these particular aspects to bless our time with remembrance, that the natural intimacy that is written into our hearts and bones would spring forth and show our hands how to heal using the art of the senses. It’s one of my most treasured memories in this lifetime: the remembrance of the sensual sisterhood.


Her tongue flickered in dancing steps of ecstasy across my nipple causing the golden nectar of a thousand honey blossoms to pour out of me in spirals of life force energy. So this is what it’s like to remember we are the goddess. To be worshiped in complete natural, intimate, and innocent purity. I melted and a sensitivity flooded back into my breasts that I’d never experienced before. My breasts had never been particularly sensitive, but I felt electric currents run to my toes and back again with her sweet attention. When she touched me, I felt no energy other than devoted love. Any hint of wanting anything from me was not present. She said my pleasure was her pleasure. It was completely different than being touched by a man, a woman with a sexual intent, or a woman in a healing tantra session. My heart fluttered with love, not a sexual desire, but a deep kind of sensual appreciation. It was coming from a place not of sexual fire or clinical tantra, but of healing, pure love, and devotion to woman as goddess. It was the longing to honor and love ourselves through the honoring and loving of each other. And not just with words, although we started there. And not just with energy, although we exchanged there. And not just with massage, although we danced there. It was with uniting all the aspects of feminine sensual pleasure, touch, sound, words of affirmation, energy medicine, delicious food, ext with the energy of WOMAN AS GODDESS. IMG_3225We oooed and awed and cried and laughed over our bodies. We noticed the sacred geometrical triangles and spirals that our bodies are made of. She stroked my skin lightly, sending loving energy. She blessed me with words, told me how beautiful my body is, how strong I am. In the wash of her care, my body melted. Suddenly, a stunning flash of deep pain stabbed my breast and a vision flashed before me. I was on a canopy bed in old world Europe. My friend was with me on the bed. We were naked, innocently holding each other. All of a sudden, my husband burst through the door early from a hunting trip. In a flash of anger and misunderstanding, what we were doing was demonized. I saw my friend banished from the home and a piece of my soul leave with her. I don’t think I’d been intimate with a woman in any body since. Regardless of the truth behind that particular vision, I felt a piece of my soul came back that night. The story doesn’t matter so much, it’s the energy that returned to my being. I’ve done soul retrieval shamanic work before, but this happened so naturally. A piece of me that had once felt so natural, that had been made so “wrong” came back home. And I felt whole. Our prayer was answered as we also spontaneously remembered some beautiful practices for sensual sisterhood connection that I’ve shared at the end of this story.


My finger gently rested on the outside of her yoni, tears streaming down my face at the precious honor of being at this gate. I wasn’t expecting to enter her. My only intention was to love and honor her body, so I massaged her vessel, stroked her petals, cupped her with my hand and sent loving energy. When her flower spontaneously pulled me in, and my body entered her body, a rush of light entered me, and I felt the power of infinite worlds of creation, the universe that is Her enveloping me in the purest love, and I wept. My heart burst open in a kind of devotional awe that I hadn’t known before that moment. I felt the true power of women. Not just this woman, but her as me, her as all women. Women as goddess. It wasn’t a mental concept, it was a visceral explosion of instant understanding. Sisterhood is how we heal the world. For when we truly know and embody the immense POWER that is held in our wombs and honor and celebrate that power in our sisters, the sisterhood will rise and support each other in holistic solutions for this earth.


There is no way the planet could have gotten to the unbalanced state it’s currently in unless the feminine in all of us (men and woman) was victimized, thrown to the underworld, crippled under the weight of torture, burning, and the hijacking of sex and birth into the hands of the mind instead of the womb. No longer can we allow distorted concepts to dictate our bodies natural processes. I am not interested in giving away my authority to that which is not true. Getting women to disown their own bodies is the demise of a culture. Whether it’s through rape, torture, bad food, body image issues, making them hate their periods, making them take hormones to not get pregnant, hijack of blood mysteries, hijack of creation mysteries. It’s crazy to not teach these things. Yet it’s in your body, in your bones. That which is real can never be destroyed. Ask your body to teach you, to talk to you, to help you remember. Treat yourself like the most valuable treasure in the universe waiting to be remembered after so long forgotten. And remember with your sisters.

Sisterhood must yet again be at the center of life. When women begin to nourish each other physically through snuggles, deep feminine womb healing, ext and are taught the ways of how our bodies are sacred and how they are meant to be treated, we would make sure that we only allowed ourselves to be touched with upmost love and respect. Having sex with men who don’t treat us with the upmost love wouldn’t even be an option. If we taught woman how to chart their monthly cycle and how to balance moon time hormones naturally, there wouldn’t be a need to be poisoned with birth control. 13063182_439056866374101_2921748898989619983_oThe sisterhood had to be broken to learn the lessons of the past age, of extreme separation, each man for himself, woman as property of man, woman as servant to man, materialism, taking the resources of the planet to the brink of extinction. It has been so valuable! But NOW it is time to dive into the remembrance of what is real. We must complete this lesson and crest into a new wave of the union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in love, forgiveness and compassion. And move forward KNOWING our power and rising together!
It is time the circle of sisterhood is healed. Where we have compassion for each other and hold each other in our highest light. Saying YES to true ecstatic embodiment, saying YES to our bodies, saying YES to this planet, and saying YES to life. It is an honor to be alive! It is an honor to walk as an embodiment of the goddess upon this gem of a planet. Healing the planet starts with healing ourselves. Let’s rise together upon Phoenix wings. Not just knowing, but “gnosis”ing the wisdom in our wombs.



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