Revealing the Avatars of the Awakening

Over the years, I have come to witness the Mythica as a seed of Awakening. A yoga of witnessing, where the documentation of my Path and the subsequent training of Yeshua Lucis in the techniques of akasha yoga has served the function of creating an armature, a way of seeing and showing the patterns in the akasha which are the firmament of our many Stories.

Where through the medium of the Mythica, we are able to reveal the underlying threads of our synchronicities in parallel with the mythopoetic recognition of our individual and collective journey to a more heavenly Earth.

Here, we are modeling a new yoga, a way of understanding the relationship between our perceived separation and unity, and how that affects the manifestation of abundance and grace within our lives. Through the Stories told in the modern hieroglyph (“hyperglyphs”) lain upon the latticework of synchronicity, we are able to reveal the Big Picture, the way in which our many avatars act as characters in the much larger unfoldment, witnessing their sacred relevance as vessels for that Divine vision.

In this example, we’re showing the underlying map of avatars who appeared on Peter Fae’s storyline during the “2015 – Union of the Kingdoms” year of the Journey Home, where each character avatar has their own timeline, their own unique heroic journey through life, intersecting with Peter’s journey as threads of synchronicity within the akasphere.

Avatars of the Mythica

To honour the avatars of these seeds, we are presenting the real Stories in a multitude of forms, all leading back to the particular avatars and to the goods and services they bring to the collective.

This is accomplished within the framework of Into the Mythica with an underlying network which features profiles of the avatars and an entry for the Reader to discover the Gifts they offer.

Nature Dreamweaver (@nature)

As Author’s the intention is to honour these character avatars within the hyperglyphic languaging that is the Mythica brand, where we (as Authors) have the option of linking to those characters through a number of means from simple hyperlinks to character icons within the greater text and more.

As a general outline, Author’s may choose to highlighgt a particular character (as I have done with ‘Nature Dreamweaver’ here), or simply link to them after the main content. This applies in the flagship Stories of ‘The Journey Home’ and ‘The Seed Within’, where at the bottom of each Story is a listing of the character avatars that have appeared with a link to their profile. For an example of this, see the bottom of this post.

In this way, Into the Mythica acts as a grand portal, a mystical storybook whose very pages lead the Reader to these virtuous guardians and their sacred offerings.

Characters featured in this Article

Adam Apollo (@adamapollo), Nature Dreamweaver (@nature), Hjeron O’Sidhe (@hjeronosidhe), Noah McLain (@noahmclain), Adi Shakti (@adishakti)

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