Revealing the Seed Within

In The Mystic Artsby Yeshua Lucis

Within each of us lay a seed of life, a gift that wants to sprout and bloom through us, a purpose intrinsic to the essence of who we truly are.

A budding desire arises in the heart. Threads of thought arise from the depths of your mind, as visions of fulfillment and purpose flood through your consciousness. Inspirations start to take form as this channel of light is open, and tangible actions are made clear, leading you nearer the fulfillment of your Destiny.

This is what we all are aiming for; the flow, the fulfillment, the alignment with the divinity of our True Self. In this state of being there is a tangible sense of spirit working through our lives, down to the minutia of our everyday thoughts and actions. The question is, how do we access this?

It requires that we face our shadows and clear our portion of the collective distortion, that we redeem our relationship with the Creation and uncover that which lay beneath the surface of what we thought we were. This is the purpose of cleansing our consciousness, of the spiritual practices that brings us back to Unity with our True Self.

The process of discovering this and embodying it is a Quest of the highest order, of which the Mythica was created to support, inspire and educate through the Yoga of Story.

In my journey deeper into the Mythica, the mythical octave of my own realization, I’ve had to clear my lens of perception. I’ve learned to clarify the elements of my being and align with a vibration of expansion, to follow the threads back to the source of that guiding vision deep within, the pulses of the seed of light at the center of my soul. From here, I can hear the voice of intuition, as my calling becomes clear.

I’ve seen that divine intelligence communicates to us in a language we can understand, that the help we need shows up in the right form at the right time, that the synchronicities and momentary reminders are all part of that larger movement of Awakening.

By opening to receive the vision for our life, impressions and intuitions start to illumine our way. This appears through the everyday circumstances of our life, through synchronicities of characters and signs that arrive on our path in perfect timing. As one follows the golden threads of these it inevitably comes to a gestalt, a synergy of parts forming a bigger picture over time, revealing the grander purpose of our lives.

Integral to this understanding is the visioning of our life; that by following our inner compass, clearing our consciousness and aligning with our True Self, we ultimately discover the purpose of our life.

A key to this on both Peter and my path has been the process of visioning. This is where we intentionally listen to the intelligence of spirit expressing itself through us. If we learn to listen, we will hear that still small voice of truth within. Take aside some time, sit in a place where you wont be disturbed, ask the friendly universe to show you the way of your true purpose and just listen, holding the inner asana of receiving. Pay attention to what you sense and how it unfolds.

Discovering the seed within is a practice of deep divination, of discernment and alignment with the divine will. It is where we become a vessel for something much larger, a hollow reed, an instrument of the divine. As we align, sparks of light from the seed within splay out as inspirations arising in perfect timing to reveal your imminent destiny.

Blooming up through the dirt of what we used to be, our seeds blossom into the garden of a new paradigm. We embody the thing we are destiny to be. We embody the change we wish to see(d).

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. Explore his magical universe and go deeper into his Story on his site.

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