The Rise of the Magdalene

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The Great Story is always unfolding.  It is the loom of our individual story-threads; finding their way back Home.  Within the weave certain patterns can be seen.  Indications of the larger movement passing through the Worlds.


In my journey across the Mythica there are certain constants.  Deva of particular qualities which pass through a repetition of avatars, all driven to fulfill their portion of a much larger dynamic.  As I have witnessed the Mythica unfolding; time and time again it is the Story of the Magdalene that comes up; that of the return of the Divine Feminine.

Journey deeper into the Mythica is always a movement across the Stories and mythologies that have defined the human condition.  As we make our way back to Eden; back to the paradigm of Freedom; we move through the realms of the current incarnations of the landscape of Story.  Over time, it has become obvious that it is the priestesses that have been listening their way forward; bringing their considerable powers of unity and moonlight to the redemption of humankind.

All across the World they are waking up.  Women coming to embody the finest aspects of the Divine Feminine, the loving nurturing Mother, the spiritual sister, the sanctified lover … bringing us ever-closer to the blessed union with the Divine that lay in the secret chamber of our Hearts.

This is not to say that the Divine Masculine embodiments I have encountered; the Kings, the Knights and Magickians of the Great Story are not doing their part.  Theirs is an equally grand destiny, the standing up for what is right and True within themselves; setting the tone for a new return to solidity and fellowship.  However, such is the content of another article of the Mythica 🙂


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