Rise of the Rainbow Tribe

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A tribe of light is rising in the dawn of a new era. Spoken of across the threads of many myths is the time that is upon us.

Its the return to the Garden, the people of every color coming together in shared purpose, moving past the separation into the commonality of our rainbow heritage.

Our Anthem: “We are all One.” Resounds. For there truly is no separation between us, nor the sacred Land from which we came.

Now is the time that we may forge the bridge to Heaven on Earth, and heal the distortions of pollution, war and disease, through becoming the change we wish to see.

“Problems are emblematic.” Michael Beckwith once said, meaning that inside every problem lay its solution. We are the solution to the global issues, as the seeds of the rainbow bridge to the New Paradigm lay within us.

There’s a divine purpose to it all. A reason it had to be exactly as it was. And we are each a part of that Great Story. As difficult as it is at times, be heartened, the lightworkers are here, the solutions are right here, even Heaven is Here… we only need clear the way to brighter worlds. 

Nature of the Coming Times

What is the nature of the coming times? Where do our ideas channel in from? It’s this bubbling to the surface of something that lay deep beneath, the very Source of all Stories. An inborn knowing of the pulse of the times. The interpretation may vary, yet the patterns of the tapestry remain.

Patterns in the Akasha

There are golden threads that connect all our stories, and are appropriate to the unfoldment of Divine Will. We are divine creatures of myth, so the same patterns ripple across the space and time of the Akasha. What’s important is the essense that lay beneath, the idea that is being channeled through the collective consciousness in the relavancy of the times. Just how such divine patterns manifest in our lives is relative to the purpose and design of our unique incarnations.

A New Humanity

As we unify collectively, we work as guardians to the new world we are birthing. Out of the roots of a shared medicine walk emerges a new human, a Hue-Man, a Homo Divinus. We are planetary midwives to the new generations, caregiving to the new aspect of our pure potential taking form. As we align with the World Tree of Gaia, the seeds we’ve planted are coming to bare.

A Tribe of Light coming back to the Circle of Life. Its how we can birth peace on earth. By being the change we wish to see. We hold the power to collectively anchor a new way of being and relating with eachother and the web of Life.

Shepards of humanity ushering in the new wave of relationship with the Creation. That of right regard in the roundtable of shared evolution; honor, respect, reciprocity, and appreciation; to tend the values of virtue and bring about a new way of life.

After all…we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, all this time.

Cover Art by Kuba Ambrose