Rites of the Land

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The World of the Mythica is connected to the Land; for the Land is where the healing, the wholeness, and the power of our birthright resides.  There is a reason for the invocation of ritual; willingly aligning our Selves with the seasons; with that which is larger than the Self.

It is these rituals, whether in modern or ancient form; that last; more perennial, more enduring than the transience of culture; it is the stirring of the blood within our Hearts in Springtime, the quietude of Winter; the blaze of Summer and the release of Fall that truly drive us.  If our societies and vogue ideas of civilization were to fade; eventually those things which aligned our human consciousness with the cycles of the seasons would return; as surely as flowers blossoming after a winter’s sleep.

When we perform actions that align our Selves with the Land; we engage in a shifting of consciousness.  We move deeper into the territories of the Mythica.  One where we become more aware of, and thus more flush; with the energies of the season.  It is a beautiful synergy; one that wishes to be discovered within our bodies and forms.  And, as this happens, our powers increase.  We are no longer in conflict with Nature; returning once again to that which has spawned us; that which has given us life.

All aspects of the journey deeper into the Mythica are one’s of awakening to that which is larger than the Self; that which has always been there, waiting to be rediscovered.  It is through these rituals with the deva; with the Land; that we re-member; that is, we bring a thing back into the body; out of the intellectual shallows; into embodiment.  Such is the true wisdom of the natural World that gives us definition as shamans and healers; embodying the return to our truest essence.

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