Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

Your Sacred Path

The Rules of the Road

As we travel along our sacred Path, we move through many realms.  Many states of being and  points of view.  Some of them are expansive and beautiful.  Some of them are not.  To help navigate us back to the Truth, that God is Good and we are supported on our Quest, the Rules of the Road are presented as sacred reminders.  May these serve as signposts, to help us come back to a place of easement as we face the shifting timbres of our lives.[/cs_text]

We do not always remember

Though God is Good and we live in a supportive Universe, we do not always remember.  It is the nature of the human condition to forget.  And while this can be terribly frustrating, it is also a Gift, for without the limitation of our awareness there would be no Story, no progression, no movement from one state of being to another.

When this happens, when we forget, and slip into the realms of Shadow, it can be deeply troubling.  It can help to breathe deeply, to be reminded that we live in a supportive Universe, and that despite what they may seem in the moment, everything is happening for our highest Good. If we can manage this, it reduces the stress upon our Self and opens us up to more possibility.

Question your Perspective
Is it how it Is, or how it Seems?

Our vantage on reality shifts constantly, changing in relation to our current vibrational makeup.  Often times we may fall into negativity or depression, perceiving events as darker or more catastrophic than they actually are.  During such moments, it is helpful to take a breath, stop, and question the validity of our current point-of-view.  Is how we are seeing things in that moment *actually* how they are? Or how they seem to be?

When we remember that God is Good, that we live in a friendly Universe, and that we do not see the long-term results of our circumstance, it can help us to relax, and return to a more easeful state upon our journey.

Everything happens for a Reason – Nothing is Mundane

There is a greater Plan going on, that involves each and every one of us.  Yet in the mortal condition, we cannot always see the Big Picture.  When we are on our Path, things happen, and we can get upset.  Yet as we come to witness the unfoldment over time, we may come to see how they are are part of something greater.  In these times, it is helpful to see examples of how this happens, so we may find easement, and Trust in a friendly Universe.

Below are some articles of how things happened for a reason on the Journey Home (inspiration – going for burrito and then running into Tina at Seeds of Life)


We live in a Friendly Universe.

On the Quest, facing our trials and triumphs, it is easy to forget that we live in a friendly, supportive Universe.  Here are some examples from the Journey Home which help to remind us of this Rule of the Road

For a Proof from the Quest, see God Loves You