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Self-Development and the Mythical Life

Self-Development and the Mythical Life

There is no separation between Self-Development and Living the Mythical Life.  In the great game of consciousness, they are one and the same.

At the heart of this is the mystical Truth epitomized in the Law of Reflection; that we live in the ripple of our own structure of being.  That the ways in which we experience reality are directly relative to the qualities within the structure of our Self; our consciousness.

For me, the journey across the Mythica has been the observation of this Truth.  All the inner work that I have done has been to change the circumstances of my Life; clearing out the somatic (body-related) traumas, clearing out the ancestral patterns; working the energetic dynamics to experience more ease and more flow; an expansion of my own consciousness and ability to interact with the World.

Perhaps the fastest growing industry in the World is self-development.  And it’s a Good thing.  That avatars like Brendon Burchard, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins; Marianne Williamson; Joe Vitale; Michael Beckwith and many, many others exist is a blessed, beautiful event.  In the context of humanities gradual Awakening, they are like white blood cells, fighting the infection of distorted self-worth.  Through the context of the Mythica, my own intention is to do similar; to help the People come to live better, more mythical and magickal lives; filled with the outpouring of their own inspired Wonder.

One may think, ‘What do those life-coaches have to do with mysticism?

And the answer is: Everything.

From my vantage; everything they do is one form of magickal technique or another.  The qualities of clearing one’s beliefs, of connecting with one’s breath and poise, with finding one’s Purpose, these are the sanctified actions of Knowing One’s Self.  They may not call it ‘magick’, on the surface, yet the techniques are quite similar; yogas of self-revelation and clearing.

In fact, when I gaze upon such beings through the underscape of the Mythica; I see ancient, perennial Queens and Kings, Priestesses, Knight Errants, in sworn Service to a better World.

They may wear suits and ties, or “dress-down” on causal Fridays, yet in the end, these are valiant Change-Makers, champions of the cause of human unfoldment.

I recently went to a gathering by Brendon Burchard called ‘Experts Academy‘.  There, he masterfully empowered the crowd, raising the “cone of power”; inspiring the People to send energy towards each other; doing breathwork; getting the associated peoples to do qi gong; to connect with one another; to open up and move through the blocks in their lives.

For me, having come from a magickal background, the many years that I studied at the Academy, this is what I saw.

It wasn’t just a seminar in a hotel room.  It was a REVIVAL; and Brendon was the preacher on the pulpit.  And, like any good priestess or magickian, he listened.  He adapted.  He brought forth techniques of consciousness that helped the people.  That were in Service to something larger than himself.

If such inspires You; consider this:

What is your definition of ‘magick’? In my world, ‘magick’ and ‘yoga’ are interchangeable.  Past the transient forms on the surface and their vogue declarations; all magick is ultimately about Change.  About changing the way we are being.  About gaining results in our daily lives.

Ask yourself, can you see the magick in all things? Or is your view of the Art of Change limited to a form?

Are you willing to open your perspective, to SEE past the surface form of things, and sense the energy that lies beneath?

Here is my suggestion.  Look at the people in your life.  Try to see them more deeply.  Try to see the magick beneath the surface.

Consider that these are not the only bodies they have had; not the only language they have spoken.  Consider the simple majesty of what they do; how they affect the consciousness of the World.

Ask yourself, is this not an act of great Change? Is this not an inspiration to Wonder?

Most people do not see themselves or others with the depth they deserve.

Do You?


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Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and Author of the Journey Home. Having cultivated the healing arts for years along the Journey Home, Peter is available for giving Guidance and Healing of one's sacred Path. Find out more or book a consultation with him on his personal page

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  1. Beautifully expressed. Thank you for the invitation to engage the magick all around


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