Shared Luminance

In The Great Story by Yeshua Lucis

We are brought together in synchronicity. In kismet, we are sharing luminance, qualities of resonance that fulfill each others’ life purpose, that reveal each others’ seed within. We become aware that we are connected to the web of life. As a constellation of stars upon the Earth we grow brighter, revolving around the gravity of our shared Destiny.

Together, our light shines brighter and we have access to more inspiration, to more of the grace that wants to happen through us.

The experience of synchronicity is an underlying principle of the Mythica. It is through becoming more aware of the connections between our Paths that we come to the realization of our shared Destiny. We move into a brighter octave of our own potential embodiment. This is where we have access to more Light, and thus more of our innate Powers.

Through mutual respect and reciprocity, we garner more trust. This naturally builds resonance and is a natural result of realizing that there is no separation. That we are all connected as One. In practice, this results in the redemption of all our relationships. As we come to understand the true ethics of Virtue, we move into the proper stance to enhance shared Victory and Abundance for all. We take our rightful place as Guardians, supporting each other to step into our Truth.

Remember, luminance grows from resonance, which is fostered by recognizing the synchronicities that bring our Paths together. In the true namaste, we see there is no separation. By honoring another we are honoring another aspect of our Self. We grow together then in inspiration, increasing our Abundance. This is the new Round Table, forged by the recognition of our shared Destiny: to return to Heaven on Earth.


About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is a Bard telling the tale of his journey deeper into the Mythica. He is a regular Author and Co-Creator of Into the Mythica. Visit his site in the Mythica ecosystem to learn more about him, listen to his music or book a session to discover your Quest.

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