Offerings by Yeshua Lucis


Yeshua Lucis is the Author of the Seed Within, a Bard of the Great Story, and a teacher of Akasha Yoga, documenting his timeline of synchronicity and Awakening. Discover his sacred offerings and publications.

Tales from the Quest

Go deeper into the Episodes of Yeshua's journey, told in immersive multimedia ePublications, acting as portals into the universe of the Mythica and a sacred witnessing of the events of the Quest.

Discover the avatars of the Awakening and their sacred service in the Great Story seen through the eyes of Yeshua, documenting the journey to Heaven on Earth.

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Enjoy the music and poetry of Yeshua in these bard's castings of magical vibrations meant to inspire Awakening and Unity with the web of Life.



Learn the subtle arts.  Come to understand the nature of the Creation and your heroic journey through the Akasha, as discovered through the roots and branches of Yeshua's timeline.

In illustrious storybooks, see real magic and the yogas of the akasha rendered in an adventure to expand your consciousness and aid your journey to Heaven on Earth

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