Powers & Practice

Practice and Powers

Through our practices, we discover our powers. This path is a djedi training of the deepest order where we approach the more causal roots of our manifestation.

The seeds of the superpowers are inherent to our character, our function in the Great Story. As we do the practices which integrate and clear the shadows and splinters in our lens of perception, we reveal the access points to our powers and talents.

It is within the structure of the self that we see our divine design, the seed within us that wishes to sprout and blossom. This sense of fulfillment, of the righteous wielding of Power, are deeply tied into our Ethos and Practice. Here, our skills and abilities naturally flow through us for we are attuned to Source. 

This is the journey into alignment with our Holy Guardian Angel, our Higher Self, and the mending of the divided will. For when we come to a place of coherence, through the alchemical process, we are clear to see how to act as a vessel for the Divine. Our powers are in service to something larger, the Awakening.

Looking over this in our stories, we do through the regular practice of journaling. Where the underlying pattern of one’s character is revealed, and that the personality, the talent, and the journey to success, is deeply tied into the movement from scarcity to abundance. Each of us is playing our individual role in a collective shift in consciousness.

From here, we see within our story, that it was already within us, waiting to be unlocked, to be accessed. That all of our practices can be see in a greater light, as that very seed pushing through the soil of our soul and the pavement of our conditioning, to bloom.

This played out along my timeline as gradual revelations that would and continue to drop into form. Where everything was leading me from one synchronicity to another, and as I would get clearer, cleaning up my portion of the distortion along the way, more of the value would be revealed. The inherent divinity and creativity within, and how that is expressed and received in the world.

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