Sketch – Faerie Roads 2009

“Wander down the Faerie Roads, across the endless green
show me visions of my way through the dreaming dream”

Peter Fae, Faerie Roads 2009

One of the most archetypical aspects of the journey across the underlands of the Mythica happened in 2009 when Noah McLain, Patience Yanderling and I traveled the faerie roads of Scotland, led by a vision given to me in a dream during our time at Avalon Grove. It was a significant thing, fundamental in grounding my understanding of the paths to the Garden, walking the roads between the roads that sketch themselves across the fabric of that emerald terrain.

"It was wonder made of thunder, made of things refinedshow me things in humble wonder, made of lace and rhyme"

We were allies then, on the Quest. Discovering and discovered, finding our way along the roads of synchrony and sublime. Here McLain met me as a gentle dragon, a wielder of fire and water in a reign of sweetness and song.

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Bards of Faerie

Once upon the endless

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