Key to movement across the realms of the Akasha is sovereignty.  Defined in the dictionary as a ‘self-governing state’, in the context of our heroic journey towards a brighter World, sovereignty refers to the ability to be in control over one’s thoughts and energetic responses to circumstance.  It is the piece of self-control that is required to channel one’s energies towards the highest outcome.

Essentially, to be sovereign is to govern one’s own Self.  It is to cultivate the discipline and decision to focus on what one chooses to focus on.  To consciously and intentionally bend one’s thoughts and emotional relationship with experience in a purposeful direction.  This relates in all walks of life.  To be sovereign is to be able to say ‘no’, or ‘yes’ to habits, it is to be able to focus on thoughts of positivity or negativity if we choose, rather than simply falling into the repetitive patterns that have created our previous halo of circumstance.  It is the ability to be mindful, to be conscious, to be alert and aware of the subtle energies that lay within the many layers of our Self and to exert purposeful influence.

In simplest terms, sovereignty is Self-control, the primary challenge in all efforts of self-development.

There are many examples of what it means not to be sovereign.  When we repeat patterns that we wish to change, we are not sovereign.  When we say we will perform a particular style of yoga or intention and are unable to follow through, we are not sovereign.  When we wish to hold particular thoughts or subtle asanas in order to further our manifestation of a brighter reality and cannot remember or accomplish the task, we are not sovereign.

Moving across the realms of the Akasha requires sovereignty.  When we recognize the Law, that we live within the holographic circumstance, the halo of our own prism of Self, the Truth becomes evident.  To shift realms, we must embody the vibrational patterns of that realm.  Therefore, we must be able to recognize and hold those patterns within our field such that our circumstance changes.  Such is the basis of such arts as ‘Manifestor consciousness’, the ‘Law of Attraction’, choosing ‘Gratitude’, focusing on ‘Positivity’ and the like.  In the context of the Mythica, sovereignty is the ability to take command of these thoughts and feelings in a proactive manner, recognizing that as we change the inner substance of our vibrational World, our outer circumstance changes to match.  To change who we have been into who we want to be, we must cultivate sovereignty.

To put this in context, many beings in the World at this time are experiencing unpleasant conditions, often taking the form of scarcity, disharmony and confusion.  To shift our circumstance, we are required to be able to focus our attention beyond those *outward* conditions, cultivating a feeling-tone of expansion and Abundance within.  As a yogic act of manifestation, we are demanded to consciously move away from the feelings of lack and of frustration, intentionally sculpting other sensations and visualizations within in effort to change the base vibrations that make up our current definition of Self.

This is not easy.  It is in fact the most difficult thing anyone can do, for true sovereignty is also known as Self-Mastery.  It is the resolution of the impulses and urges within the Self, the clearing of the subconscious patterns and distortions and infinite subtlety of Self-Knowledge mixed with intentional decision.  It is the act of inner discipline, the axis around which all our manifestation revolves.

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