Space – The Final Frontier – Part I

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

I loved Star Trek as a kid. Both the classic and next generation of it’s evolution.

It’s essence of community and exploration sang to me just as much as it did across the hearts and minds of the World, holding space for that delicious unknowing, that sense of adventure and discovery defines the horizon of mystery.

Seen from my current position on my own now fifteen+ year long journey through space, it was the perfect shape for that more sublime thing, that expression of the Divine that is adventure itself.

It is the beautiful quality of not knowing, yet being willing to explore, which makes the best of explorers. A combination in which I  find a delicious wonder, a medley of bravery and humility that sets the stage for one’s adventure.

And, in it’s perfection, it’s also the best opening metaphor for this article.
What was it that the brave crew of the Enterprise (and for that matter, all crews on all ships) moved through? What was the quality, below the elements, below the forests and the oceans, below the mountains and the quarks.

Space.  Space ITSELF.  The concept of space, and what it implies.

Exploring space is at the core of Akasha yoga.  Of the very real movement along one’s rainbow bridge.  When one has a grasp on the nature of space itself, they have the backdrop for their movement to a new reality.  The context by which they walk the heroic landscape of their sacred Path.

As they do this, as one begins to explore the space within and without, one begins to see the Truth – that we live in a limitless Universe, and the World is much, much bigger than we ever knew.  We take the bravest of journeys, exploring the final frontier of the space through which we dance through time.

It was in service to this that Akasha yoga was created. For in the understanding of space, we gain a vantage on the map through which all Worlds unveil.

Of the five elements that I perceive as making up all forms, space, which we refer to as ‘akasha’, is the most subtle, existing right on the event horizon of the dissolution into the formlessness from which all things emerge.

As part of my Divine service, it was given to me to map out the territories of that space, witnessing my movement to provide example such that others may have clarity on their own movement through the many Worlds of the Creation.

Walking the Rainbow Bridge through Space (Akasha)

On a deeply structural level, such was the movement through the rainbow of my own chakras, the lens through which my whole reality manifested into existence, and the gradual understanding that what we changed within changed without. A subtle becoming that moved along a sacred Path through Space.

Intimately tied to this is the understanding that Time, the progression of becoming, also exists within Space.  That all things happen in a great web of events happening across the expanse of spacetime.  In the context of the journey deeper into the Mythica, when we refer to the akasha, we refer to the very physical-yet-subtle substance through which all things happen.

This is not an abstract thing, but a physical one.  Akasha is a physical substance.  It is the most subtle of all qualities, which combined with Earth, Air, Water, and Fire literally makes up the mindstuff of the Divine from which all things are made.

Because events can only happen in the spacetime of the akasha, it is considered a meta-element, and is how we refer to that very substance of thought, the Divine ocean of consciousness in which all things happen.

In the most sublime of ways, the akasha is the canvas, the backdrop upon which all things happen.  She is the very essence of form itself and the context in which our endless becoming blosssoms into Awakening.

In this way, the Journey Home and the Seed Within serve as an example of Peter Fae’s and Yeshua Lucis’s journey through the akasha, ever deeper into the magical realities of the Mythica.  Finding their way to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, flush with the highest qualities of the human condition and it’s alignment with Grace.

Throughout the tales, we show the ways in which we move through space, this most subtle of elements that gives rise to the landscape of our Stories.  Showing the real magical World that waits to be discovered beneath the surface of perception.

It is the journey to the new paradigm of humanity, to a brighter and more mystical existence.  One in which they and other Authors leave clues, points of navigation and guidance, that help the You, Reader and potential Author, to navigate your own Path.  Your own movement across the akasha.  Deeper into the magical potential that is your birthright.

It is a journey through Space itself, across the many manifest realities seen as Worlds onto themselves   Traveling through their own starship through the final frontier en route to Heaven on Earth. 

(To read part II of this article, click here)

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