Space – The Final Frontier – Part II – Places in Space

(this is part II of a previous article, to read the first part, click here)

We all want to live in a better World. One full of Love, Grace, Harmony and Abundance. One where our Gifts are recognized, where we have right-relationship with the many aspects of our Self in the form of the Land, the animals and plants, and other people. In this article, we’re going to talk a bit about the final frontier of Space and how that relates to this exalted adventure of shared Awakening.

How does the concept of space, or what we call the akasha, relate to the journey to Heaven on Earth?

Remember that akasha, or ‘space’ is the backdrop for all events. It is the space where the many Worlds visited by the Enterprise (or any enterprising adventurer) exist.

In this context, all realities, all states of being, are places within space, like planets visited by our personal starship existing at a very specific coordinate, also known as a locus point, within the backdrop of the akasha.

Seen in this way, all states of being are Worlds onto themselves, defined by their position within the space of the akasha. Here, the realm of scarcity, of war and destruction, is a place. An entire reality, or “World” which exists within a specific set of vibrational conditions organized around a locus point (coordinate). Similarly, Heaven on Earth is a place. Entire realities onto their own within the space of the akasha.

As adventurers through the human experience, we are learning to journey between these coordinates. To make the noble venture from one manifest reality to another. From one place of manifestation to another within the infinite space of the Creation.

To do this, we must deepen our understanding of ourselves. Develop a much more clarified sense of our own vibration and the coordinates in space which make up our current reality. We must come to understand the nature of space itself and how we can shift through our own rainbow bridge between the many Worlds within the akasha.

This is the basis for Akasha yoga, which details the very real physics by which the transformation of our vibrational state along our heroic journey is a movement through the many potential realities. In which we, as enterprising adventurers, are learning to move through the space within and without ourselves, embracing the final frontier of our infinite potential.

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