Stars Upon the Earth

In Akasha Yoga by Yeshua Lucis

We are stars upon the earth, aspects of the infinite brought to form. As embodiments of divine sparks, we carry codes of light, unique functions destined to be brought to life through us. These revolve in a shared gravity with all the other stars we are connected to, a constellation of unfolding causality and destiny. 

From this vantage, we see that we are not led to connect with the people in our life by chance, but by distinct purpose and providence. That there is a specificity to the coordinates of context where our paths meet. In the Akasha Yoga, we investigate this “why” of synchronicity, looking at the undercurrent of meaning that we share at moments of intersection, the Mythica of our shared unfoldment.

As we gather in moments of serendipity, our iris can open to new vistas of illumination. We can shift into the Mythica, opening to the divine aspect that each of us is embodying, softening to recieve that emenation. From here, we come to recognize the constellation of arrangement, the qualities of character that are brought to the fore as a gift by each. This is a place of exalted access, resonance and harmony, existing deep within the Mythica, where we touch the new paradigm and the roundtable of relationship that marks its sacred landscape.

A true namaste is born from this place. We recognize that we can’t do it without the other stars showing up in that moment to shed more light. That we actualize one another’s divine purpose, revealing the codes of light meant to spark from our core and show the way. Its an inherent bowing to the majesty of one another, the causality of gravity that brought us to that moment, a genuine humility that sees the Value of each embodiment.

From here an abundance of fellowship is found, a Unity born from regarding oneanother as the divine aspects that we are, of appreciating the moment that has brought us together and the larger intellegence of Spirit expressing itself through us. It is a tone that’s emerging through the field, that of Collective Consciousness. We dissolve the walls of separation and shift deeper into the luminance of our shared starscape. In honoring another, we honor ourself. We forge the pathways between the stars, as we remember who we truly are.

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Author of the Seed Within and adventurer of the real magical world tracking his path of Awakening. Learn more about him and follow his Quest.

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