"Story's End"

… I had a sign appear today, commensurate with the shift in my presentation inspired by the various gravities. I felt it was significant. In the adjustment that i’ve been going through after & continuing the flock of spells i’ve been doing to heal the wound of community, i’m feeling myself stepping into a new shape. A new configuration of my tree of life.

There’s a feeling that I finally understand how to present everything in a way that is inclusive and expansive, that shifts me into another reality. So, when I saw the glyph of ‘End of Story’ on my Path, I interpreted it as such. An ending to the Quest to bring the Mythica to the people and a beginning of a new chapter. It mirrors my waning interest in documenting the minutia of my path. A feeling of having-done-that pervades, and I sense the description of the physics of the quest and the service emerging through the form.

the $1200 needed for repairs of the Emerald (my vehicle & home) is significant. That plus recent events have given me no other option but to step forward with the opening of the Mythica, presenting my understanding of the Tree of Life in a way that generates connection with community and income.

With something like $80 to my name, I look beneath the surface of my story to see that I have touched the edge of the Commonwealth at last.

The Uber EATS was how I was making coin, gradually delivering food for people while I pulled the Mythica together. In the past couple of weeks i’ve had a Major Story Transition, with the arrival of an Alchemist, a Phoenix avatar and the call of the Mythica herself alongside the issues with the vehicle. It’s accompanied a major shift in the structure of my tree of life, the spread of impressions along my spine & nervous system that makes up my story *and* the way i’m presenting Into the Mythica. There’s a sense of alignment in the etheric architecture, and i’m just moving forward with it. Thankfully, i’ve got 24/7 access at a coworking space called ‘Union’, emblazoned with the totem of the sacred Rhin-Mu (as I call it, a mushroom-rhinocerous with wings that aI feel represents collective emergence)

It’s an interesting feeling. I sense the tones of being a guide around it. The textures of focsuing not on my story but on the teachings themselves, presenting the physics of the quest to the people through a medley of medias. There’s a sense of the Story becoming the Storyteller, a peacefulness I have in the simple walking around Encinitas, barely moving the vehicle and committing entirely to the act of being the Author, Explorer and Guide that is my divine function.
With this comes a sense of harmony. It’s a new feeling. A new configuration of my tree, and i’m breathing into it. Gradually recognizing that I am done with the endless movement. That one way or another I am done on that Quest, stepping into a new dimension of experience in the Mythica.

What’s Real is that it’s all a shape in the tree of life. In one’s axis mundi. Their spine and twine. The nervous system and it’s medley of impressions.
It’s what we move through on our journey through the World Tree, the much larger Tree of Life of which our forms and their mythologies are expressions.
You know, a couple of days ago I recorded a session with this chap Azra who has a biomimicry school. It’s happening during this time of great transformation, of shifting the focus from my story to the Tree of Life herself is significant, touched by the same hues as our shared “Bard’s Hall” and the overall glyph of the Mythica.
In this there’s great transformation. It IS difficult, for it brings up the very substance of my story and it’s previous architecture, yet in this is also the blossoming itself. It is the thing around which I see the play of conditions, the Emerald, the coworking space, the shift in focus and the various aspects of the publishing as being emblematic of my OWN coming into coherence, the light of the Idea passing through the stained glass prism of my consciousness in a clarified way.
It’s the thing itself, really. The journey to the Treasure Within, that which is discovered when we divine, discern and dive into the depths of our inner selves. To be at a position in the subtle landscape of my path where i’ve committed in a new way feels to be the very THRESHOLD of an entirely new reality. The end of one story and the beginning of another.
… there’s a sense of clarity-over-time. Where I see the archetype of the dharma. The seed within that wishes to express itself along the blossoming of that seed, expressing itself as the mythos of our life. A part of the Great Tree that is the material plane herself.
When I had spoken to Azra, he had commented that it was rare to find a being of such etheric composition as myself with such a deep grasp and relationship with Gaia. I had said to him “Crown to Ground. That’s the purpose of my avatar. It’s my challenge and my resolution. My gift to the world.”
It’s a deep thing brother. For me, the deepest, for the attainment of an alignment within one’s self is the capability to help others with that alignment. To transform by the nature of it’s embodied virtue.
The myth is so meaningful. With the Emerald requiring repairs and the call of the Mythica pulling me to ground, I was able to breathe into the reality of just walking on the beach. Just breathing, relaxing into my experience. Into the idea of sleeping in the car and coming to the workspace in a complete dedication to presenting the Mythica to the worlds.
There’s a harmony to it. A sense of coming to ground in a new way. Of connecting with the world and the Commonwealth at last. It’s related to a vast healing that has been going on for the past 6+ months since Joshua left the Quest. A confrontation and conversation with the many shadows that still remained within me.
To be at this point, where there is finally .. FINALLY a sense of anchored clarity in How Everything Comes Together Properly is deeply, deeply healing. It is the sense of reaching the destination, however battered and haggard, closer to the nurturing resolution that has been the long journey Home.