Welcome to the Subscription page for Into the Mythica! A spiritual organisation devoted to human ascension and revealing the real ways in which we can move towards the Awakening of our Self and the embodiment of Heaven on Earth.

As a publishing network, Into the Mythica is designed to remind us all of the synchronicities and magick that make up our World, bringing awareness to the sacredness of our personal and Collective Stories while showcasing the techniques that help us transform our lives for the better.  She acts as a vast portal to the many People and Places that are transforming the planet, linking us together in the timelines of our sacred Stories.

Our intention is to provide a space for People to Remember the Truth – that we are all connected, that everyone matters, that each and every one of us has a sacred Purpose, and that through truly applying the techniques to change our reality, we can live in a better, more magickal World.




At this point, the Mythica is taking singular donations of any amount to fuel her progress.  This will transition into an optional monthly donation which will include premium access to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive interviews with the creators of the Mythica and more.  Please click on the button below to donate to this spiritual cause to reveal the World of real magick and map out our shared journey to Awakening!

Blessings, and May You Live a Mythical Life

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