Synchronicity – The Map of our Stories

In Physics of the Quest by Peter Fae

Classically, synchronicity is seen as events happening simultaneously that hold a sense of significance, sometimes seen as “coincidental”, or without cause. In the physics of Quest, we look at the causal connection that defines such moments of interweaving destiny in the diorama of our Story.

Synchronicity plays a huge part in the understanding of our sacred Quest and it’s meaning.  It is the underlying threadwork of cause and effect which appears on the surface of perception as our circumstance, and is mapped by the Authors of the Mythica to divine and reveal the nature of all Stories.

As we travel upon our Quest, synchronicity becomes a moment when we realize howthings connect. Approached at depth, it reveals the deeper meaning that lay beneath the surface of our stories. It is always going on, our ability to perceive its happening and divine its significance depends on the octave of depth at which we are entering.

In the context of the heroic journey, these events of synchronistic significance form the melody of meaning that defines our path.  Meaning that depending on the progression of our locus, an intersection of a particular coordinate of conditions in the Akasha, we reveal the very meaning of our life. This plays out as our journey across places, characters and qualities on our path, and is related to our very sense of self definition.

In this context, we see synchronicity as everyday magick, subtle signs and cues of divine intelligence and confluence.  Looking from the vantage of the Akasha, synchronicity occurring over time-space forms the very golden thread of our storyline.

As Author-Adventurers, this is what we are tracking to reveal our timeline, the raw content that forms the publishing of our stories. In the yoga of story, we look at these events of meaning on our path to reveal the progression of our heroic journey.  This is why we track the Underlands of our story, paying close attention to the subtlety of meaning playing out as archetypical energies under the surface of our circumstance and how this plays out in the Law of Reflection.

How this relates to Collective Consciousness

We are all connected. There is no separation. This applies directly to our storylines and their progression across the Akasha. Look at the image above, each intersection forms a node of synchronicity, dots that connect our timelines within the Akasha and it’s expression through the World Tree.
The moments that connect us are meaningful.  Each precious moment of intersection is part of the orchestration of the Divine plan playing out through the minutia of our lives.

Seen from the vantage of the Akasha, these threads form a weave of synchrony between the constellation of our shared unfoldment.  In the context of mapping the Mythica, looking at the synchronicity that connects our lives reveals the contours of our collective destiny.

As we travel deeper into the Mythica, our awareness of this deepens, revealing the very meaning of our lives and the shared topography of our collective Awakening, the Great Story.

In the context of our media broadcast, we focus on these connections and how they play out across the timescape of our collective unfoldment, revealing our shared consciousness and the meaning that connects us all.

Here, the tracking of our Author’s timelines become the witnessed threads of their personal movement through circumstance which, when woven together, reveal the much larger causality of our shared circumstance.Think Cloud Atlas, a diorama of shared unfoldment, of karma and dharma, of pattern and destiny, occurring across the skein of the Akasha towards the revelation of our own Self.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home. To book a counsel session with Peter Fae to transform your Story and your Life, Click Here

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