The Seed Within - The Tale of Yeshua Lucis

Hey, I'm Yeshua Lucis, Author of the Seed Within. I joined Peter Fae on the Quest and am on a journey deeper into the Mythica. Follow my Quest as I track my path of synchronicity and Awakening, applying the mystic arts of the Academy to embody the change I wish to see.

There is a vision at the heart of my story, that as we tend the Seed Within of divine purpose, we blossom the garden of a new world, walking the paths to a Heavenly Earth.

Here, I share my tale as an act of service, to reveal the real magical world I live within and illuminate the Great Story of our shared Awakening. Please explore and enjoy, may it inspire you to live your myth. After all, we are the one's we've been waiting for.

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From the Quest

Reflections from the Quest