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Timeline of the Mythica

10 January 2020

The Heart of Faerie

2018 - The Heart of Faerie Amajor node on the World Tree happened as we were led to with my

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03 December 2019

"Guardians of Faerie"

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13 January 2019

Eclipse Water Blessing

[mepr-s3-video src="mythicavideos/Music-FrequencyHealers-EclipseWaterBlessing.mp4"]
11 January 2019

Divining the Mythica w/Anya Lei

[mepr-s3-video src="mythicavideos/2016-DiviningtheMythica1.mp4" poster="http://intothemythica.com/w

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23 August 2018

2018 - The Heart of Faerie

A gathering for the avatars of Faerie, all connecting at the mystical realm of Faerieworlds, occurr

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05 July 2018

2018 - Avatars of Avalon

A great confluence occurs amongst the avatars of the Awakening, coming together in synchronicity at

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05 March 2016

2016 - Spine of the Dragon

Key allies amongst the avatars meet in the mystical towne of Crestone, nestled in the spine of the

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