Yeshua Lucis

Follow the adventures of Yeshua Lucis as he travels the underlands of the Mythica, tracking the way to Heaven on Earth across the real World of Magick.

Yeshua Lucis (cover)

Yeshua Lucis – The Seed Within


2018-7-27 LivingWell – Arrival

Peter Fae and I travel deeper into the heart of Faerie, as we are given passage from Wynden Keep by Jesse and Raven to LivingWell, a Nature Spirit Sanctuary. Driving out into the deep woods, we...


2018-7-20 Wynden Keep – Rise like the Phoenix

The stirring in my soul rises, like a phoenix from the ash – leaving behind the molt of an old paradigm of being. What is it that will actualize my Gift, so I may share this Revelation with...


2018-8-4 LivingWell – Facing the Shadow of Doubt

I realize that part of my purpose is to uplift others and inspire their journey to Heaven on Earth.The Truth here…I doubt myself, much like anyone. Part of my journey through Shadow towards the...


2018-8-5 LivingWell

In the morning I am led to go deeper into the realms of marketing for the sake of getting the Mythica out there to the world, to actualize my aspect of the abundance that is our birthright. It is...


2018-8-2 – LivingWell

On the morn, I take in the beauty of the Deva and set my expectations for success, that I will be led to the fulfillment of my hearts desire. My journey has always been one of following the...


2018-7-30 LivingWell – Return to the Goddess

The course of my journey has been one of returning to the land and coming back to love for the earth, for the Self, for the whole. Of facing the patterns that must be cleared to move back to Love.At...


2018-7-13 – 7-17 – Wynden Keep

Peter Fae and I journey across the winding highways in the white Jeep into the heart of Shasta. Having left the vortex of Valley Center, we continue our pilgrimage deeper into the Mythica,...