Devic Allies – Why do psychedelics exist?

As we travel deeper into the Mythica; it is inevitable that we encounter the consciousness-altering events that shift and liquify our previous concept of reality.  This is an inevitable and beautiful expression of the Divine, moving through us; the hint and promise of a much deeper and more mythical World.

As always, what things appear to be on the Surface of the World and what they are as one’s consciousness softens and Opens are quite different.  As we move through the various levels and layers of form; our vantage becomes more liquid; more subtle; able to perceive and thus receive the many threads that are the true causal roots of reality.


At this point in Her evolution; the incarnate plane is just coming to Remember; just coming to embody the ways in which we make make the progression from the shallows of experience to the deeper octaves of the Mythica.  It is the province of valorous seekers; of shamans and priestesses; to walk and guard these Paths; holding space for the sometimes cataclysmic shedding of the layers of the False Self so that our True majesty may emerge.

To live in a world of deep incarnate resonance is our birthright.  To perceive and understand our the delicate invulnerability of form and to operate from this place for redemption and expansion is the Path.  Such is the great principle inherent in all mystical practices, the shifting of our consciousness in order to experience a more robust, more expansive version of the reality through which we are moving.

Seen from the context of the heroic journey towards Self-Realization; the experience of the more sublime perception and experience of reality is part of the journey.  A movement ever-forward; to the very foundations of form.

Along the way, we often have allies; devic beings incarnate in the form of various consciousness-assisting substances and magicks.  Such intelligent beings as Grandmother Ayahuasca; as Grandfather Peyote; the deva of Ganja, of Mushrooms, and others.  In the grand context of our unfoldment, these beings appear on our Path at the right time, to help us move beyond the limited horizon of our current vantage and have a glimpse of a much brighter and more magickal World.

As with all things, it is important to have respect for the experience; to intend to connect with these beings; recognizing them as independent intelligences with an agenda that is often larger than our limited Self may perceive.  This is true in all cases; that we must cultivate and establish our relationship with the Larger World; transcending the limited Self-definition that keep us within limited Worlds.  Our appreciation, gratitude, and Love for these great messengers is essential for developing a sanctified relationship.  Above all, respect for their Purpose; to help facilitate our consciousness, must include the intention to Know when it is right to embrace them, and when it is right to step away; as they are not meant to be a crutch; but rather a reminder of what could be if we choose to actively cultivate our awareness.

It is important to always remember; the states of being that we experience with these blessed emissaries of consciousness are natural, and within our range.  Through meditation; through clearing; through dissolving the layers of falsity that sit upon the lens of our Self; we may live; without medication; in a state of wholeness and deep perception.


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