The Divine Human

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There is more to us than meets the eye.  Within each of us is a Divine being; waiting to be seen.  A deeper, truer, more magickal version of our human condition.

Such is a state of being where we have access to the most amazing of powers, abilities to perceive the World as she truly is; a thing of wonderment and expansion; to heal, to manifest what we Truly require; to live in an atmosphere of synchronicity; mysticism and infinite potential.  Nestled within us are the ability to fly; to appear in multiple places at once; to connect with the vast elemental intelligences that live just below the surface of shallow awareness; and many other wonders; too plentiful to count.

Such is the great state of attainment; where we transcend the limited horizon of an uncultivated existence and step into our glorious destiny as beings of majesty and power; devoted in Service to that which is greater than our Selves.

Yet to achieve such a state of being takes work.  Though the natural state of humanity is one of plentitude and awe; most of the planet is currently dealing with the results of detritus and confusion; unable to clearly see or act upon what is necessary to transform their lives in mythical narrative and glorious Story.  Many beings live in states of poor diet, of destructive patterns and beliefs; of conditions which are inhospitable to the healthy development of a Loving existence.

Yet there is hope.  All across the Worlds, beings are awakening.  Practices and yogas are appearing to assist us in achieving our potential.  New, sacred landscapes are being re-discovered; places of sanctity, places of sanctuary and education.  Despite the pollution of thought and self-concept that has defined humanities Past, the Present contains the seeds for a beautiful Future.

In the context of the Mythica; we live within the reflection of our own energetic imprints.  That is to say, a being whose substance is currently polluted; whose consciousness consists of negative beliefs and self-destructive patterns; actually lives within the realms of their own current substance.  They exist in circumstances which are equal to the pollution within the structure of their Selves.  As we clear out these imprints, as we realign our Selves with cleaner and more sanctified living; we literally move into circumstances which are brighter, cleaner, and more full of abundant opportunity.  This is done by changing the quality of our current Self; cultivating a more aligned diet, more aligned thoughts and actions; surrounding our Selves with environments that bring us deeper into the Mythica; into our embodied myth and wonder.

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