The Djedhi

djedhiThe Djedhi are real.  They are the pillars, the Light bearers, the guardians and champions of the high ideal of embodied virtue.  They take many forms across the incarnate, yet their Purpose is always the same, to hold space for what is Right, for what is Just, and what is True.

What should be understood is that the mythologies of our media are based on real things.  Throughout time, the djedhi have always existed, beings of cultivated techniques of attainment and energetic mastery, devoted to serving the World.  In their exalted aspect, these beings live lives of deep dedication, disciplining themselves to understanding of the structure and application of the energetic arts, the cultivation of virtue, and the right use of power.

In many cases, the djedhi are physically fit, flush with vitality, blending the qualities of Heaven and Earth in the sacred container of the body.  They work closely with the forces of Force and Flow, coming to understand the deeper aspect of our incarnate forms, and how to align themselves with the natural Divinity that is larger than the Self.

The Djedhi arts have many names, referred to as practices of Qi Gong, of tantric yogas, of intentional manifestation and elemental craft.  Yet underlying all of these things is a fierce dedication to service, embodying the brightest aspects of our human condition.

As the World of the Mythica blossoms in our Awakening humanity.  Many incarnates are coming to Remember their deeper essence as reincarnate champions of these sacred arts, led in sacred contract with the Universe to provide education and training for those who wish to deepen their experience of their own virtue.

Institutions exist all across the Mythica for this purpose, including the Guardian Alliance, the Academy of Myth, Qi Revolution, and many others.



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