The Emergence of the Web

In World of the Mythica by Yeshua Lucis

The internet is a powerful tool, allowing us to open a portal from the screen before us, a pallete of liquid light that casts the radiance of its unique embodiment within the vastness of the web. It allows us to tune into a specific frequency within the Akasha, the All That Is. It allows us to summon lightning fast information and communicate without delay. If anything, it truly is a magickal thing, a living breathing entity, a Deva of collective consciousness.

When we realize there is no separation, that we are all connected, the context of the internet takes on a whole new tune. We see that it allows us to see our interconnectedness in a new light, a portrait of the organism of humanity that is constantly changing with the tides of the times. This is why we need a new context for its use, one that honors what it means to embody our deeper truth and divinity, to recognize and appreciate our inherent Unity. This is what the Mythica was created for, to be a Temple of Story within the vastness of the Web, a beacon that constantly shines a transformational fire of awareness that reminds us of what connects us together.

When we see that only recently have ideas such as the internet, solar power, cooperative eco-communities, and wide-spread distribution of digital wealth along with ideas of Harmony, Soveriegnty and the emergence of a New Earth have arisen within the collective consciousness, we recognize a new context. Only in the past 100 years have these things taken place, relative to the entire Age that precedes us. We are at the break of a new dawn, so to speak, where the light of awareness is rising, and our technology and modes of relationship are transforming with it. We are part of a grand emergence, an Awakening, a quickening of conscious evolution.

Stepping back, we can see that we are all part of a Great Story, a bigger picture that connects us all. With the sweeping tides of these new ideas, the entirety of commerce and the way we relate with the global reality is shifting. Through the transformative fires of venerable causes that bring awareness to global conditions and solutions through embodied living and personal responsibility for collective stewardship,  we are able to work the deepest of magic, to become the change we wish to see. We walk the rainbow bridge to a new world, becoming the stewards of this way of being and perceiving. Media is a powerful way to convey this, as it contains the contents of our embodied vibration, the emanation of our Soul and Purpose.

Organizations are rising, a new paradigm of collective effort that are providing tools of empowerment, such as Earth Nation, that are providing new education models, such as the Guardian Alliance, along with media broadcasts geared closer towards collective spiritual evolution and Unity. Ideas and solutions are spreading more rapidly.

When we are able to gather vantages from multiple sources as to the breadth of the collective needs and shifts going on, tracing this back to our own responsibilty, addressing the Whole through embodied living, we step into a new realm of empowerment. So many of us are waking up, doing our part to embody the change we wish to see. These portals can help us See that.

This is why we need a New Story. One of empowerment, where we use the technologies at hand to help ourselves and one another Remember, that we are all divine, forever connected and intrinsically valuable to the whole. Its so important that we are eachother’s keepers, that we become the Guardians and Heroes we’ve been waiting for, holding the torch of Agape for the benefit of the Whole. When we see the web as a tool to do this, we see the world in a whole new way.