The Emergent Garden

In The Great Story by Yeshua Lucis

The gardens of our minds are part of a much larger Eden seeking to blossom through us.

Seed of Light

Inspirations sprout up through us as seeds of light, pushing through the soil of our being as a crop of ideas to sow the new paradigm. This comes from Source, a transmission of Gaia’s emergent consciousness.  Taking a look at what the collective consciousness is moving towards in the realms of transformation, we see things in the light of the Great Story.

All these aspects are a part of a larger garden; the redemption of our relationship with the Land and one another, gatherings of light, sacred ceremonies of healing, spreading of the yogas of nature, sustainable practices, regenerative archeticture, restorative justice and clean energy, along with new paradigm organizations, education and media. Yet, what appears on the surface is part of something much deeper.

We are pollinating an Awakening. And we carry the seeds of a new world.

We are led across the skin of Gaia to serve a unique function. Many characters of the Mythica having been guided to intersect in realms of wonder, vortexes of Gaia and sacred centers of Light, where we discover others who share resonance with the seeds of light we carry, together sharing a unique alchemy of evolution.

Its a Revelation Revolution.

We come to see that we are all connected in the web of life, the cause and effect of our shared purposing linked in the unfoldment of the emergence.

As we share the seeds and sow them, we reap a new world, born of the potential actualized through our shared destiny. To open our consciousness and embrace the vantage brings us to a new horizon of discovery, that we are each a part of bringing about Heaven on Earth.

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening in his tale, “The Seed Within”. He offers sessions of divination and healing, through the power of story mirroring and energetic awareness, learn more here.

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