The Evolution of Akasha Yoga

In Akasha Yoga by Peter Fae

Yoga creates itself. When one is aware of the agitation produced by the impurities of consciousness, one is demanded to action, shifting the inner asana of one’s stance in accordance in effort to reduce the agitation produced by the ignorance of perceived separation.

As the creator of Into the Mythica and Akasha Yoga, I am no stranger to the techniques and ideas of yoga, yet my mode of entry to such arts is far different than most of the incarnates I have encountered, part of the intrinsic nature of my seed within, the structure of my purpose here in the incarnate plane.

Unlike most beings in this Age, I arrived here with no impressions in the akasha save those necessary for my inclusion in the web of cause and effect, born with a range of awareness that demanded the evolution of techniques to negotiate a sane response to a World of chaos and confusion.

I do not come from a lineage, nor a tradition. For me the Akasha Yoga embodies the essence of that necessitated attainment, one which serves the people in the perfection that it must in accordance with the much larger Divine intelligence which moves through all things.

Possessing the gnosis of understanding of our nature as awareness itself, Akasha Yoga developed naturally to provide another viewpoint, investigating not simply the dissolution of ‘self’ to the awareness behind all things but the query into the nature of *WHY* the self exists in the first place, finding the beauty of our individuality as expressions of the Divine play.

While all yogas investigate the relationship of the ‘self’ with ‘awareness’ and it’s progression of transformation, Akasha Yoga focuses on the individuality of the self and it’s various reflections in the form of ‘others’, on the suchness of it’s unique expression of the Divine, tracking our movements through the web of circumstance as a work of self-inquiry that through constant observation produces the revelation into the nature of one’s particular form in the context of our collective evolution.

Such is what it must be, the only thing that could be, given the structure of my particular incarnation. Born without the impressions of the previous Age, my perception of the traditions and lineages are the witnessing of impermanent things whose very definition lay within the context of their timeliness, the service they perform in the much larger play of elemental energies throughout the substance of the Creation. Akasha Yoga developed from this in the way any yoga develops, not from ‘tradition’ or ‘technique’, but as a genuine response from deep awareness to the physics of What Is and our eventual return to the Unity of our origin.

I was driven, by Divine incentive, to record my movements along the Quest, a modern day ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ using the photos and the links of the Mythica to reveal the nature of Siddhic awareness and it’s relationship to our emerging Light.

Such was a pure action, one of service to the larger Self, recognized as the Divine impetus moving through the vessel of my human self, the means by which I would ground out the overwhelm of my senses into a cohesive form, gradually witnessing the clarification of my form and it’s display of attainments as the result of that inquiry into the nature of self and it’s sacred Story.

As the principles of Akasha Yoga are presented in both their “principal” and “expressive” form throughout the Stories of the Mythica in service to the Awakening, in this way the site herself is a living, breathing thing – a deva of Story, manifest through what appears on the surface of perception as a website, yet is, in truth, a much deeper thing – a portal into the witnessing of the patterns and impressions within the Akasha itself, demonstrating the ways in which the many facets of the lotus of our shared consciousness express themselves, each fulfilling their function in the intricacy of form and the Gift of one’s sacred journey of becoming.

Such is intrinsically linked into the tales of my journey ‘deeper into the Mythica’, proving the physics of the quest and the very principles of Akasha Yoga through demonstration, all serving the fundamental impetus of anchoring the vastness of my awareness into a solid form, essentially driven to build the scripture of a new understanding from the purity of direct perception without the bias of the lineages or dogmas of the past.

In this way, I have come to see that yoga is not a technique, nor a tradition or other definition, but an Understanding, a way of relating with the process of differentiation and it’s movement across the timespace of the akasha towards unity, in which all beings have their own sacred function within that larger expanse, living in entire Worlds of manifestation orbiting the prism of their self and it’s projection of impressions within the akasha.

From my own example I see – Were all the impermanences and cultural ideas of ‘yoga’ destroyed, the knowledge seemingly lost, some avatar would be born, gifted with Divine awareness, whose very sense of the harmonics that lay beneath the surface of the World would demand it to transform and codify it’s understanding, beginning the cycle anew.

In this way, yoga is never extinguished, simply evolving to fit the timeliness of the Age in which it manifests, driven to substance by the very process of being.

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home. To book a counsel session with Peter Fae to transform your Story and your Life, Click Here

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