The Face behind our Face

What is this thing you call your face,

what is this thing so made of Grace?

so often Faces get displaced

who is this face you call your Face?


225A2295How we look on the Surface of awareness, and what we actually Are often appear quite differently.  On the deeper levels of structure; the deeper, more true aspect of what we are made of; are primal elements; qualities of the natural World wrought into a human form.  In essence, our bodies are made of the very elements themselves; and with those elements come powers; subtle abilities that influence the World around us in a grand choreography much larger than we know.

Many beings are familiar with the concept of astrology.  The Idea that we are an ‘Aries’, a ‘Libra’, a ‘Scorpio’, or what-not.  And that those different signatures relate to certain primal elements.  In this example; Aries would be Fire.  Libra; Air; and Scorpio, Water.  Yet as we go deeper into the uniqueness of our astrological chart, we come to see that we are not just one sign; not just one element, but a multitude, forming a cohesive pattern.  A collection of elemental fields coming together to form  unique matrix.  It is this matrix of elemental energies that is the deeper structure of what we call a ‘Self’; the fundamental basis for who we are in this lifetime.

Across all cultures and traditions, this is so.  ‘Astrology’ is just one form of Divination; serving the grand Purpose of helping us to Know our Selves; to come to recognition of our talents, our powers, our potential challenges and triumphs.  Like all impermanences in the Incarnate plane; it is not a hard and fast rule; but a means of encouraging our visceral perception of our own current energies.  And by no means is astrology the only form of this inquiry. All across time and space there are many, many systems of investigation into who we really are, to understanding the substance of elements; deva; that make up our current form.  The ancient and evolving practices of ayurveda, of Chinese medicine and it’s associated divinatory systems all serve the same function; to increase our Knowledge of our Self.

Ultimately, whether we examine this Truth through the artifices of any of the mediums of personal divination; it is an inquiry into the elemental timbres that make up our human form; and thus influence and inertia of our outward expression.

Seen in this context, our human Selves can be seen as beautiful sculptures of primal elements, brought together into beautiful and unique combination; expressing those elements out into the Worlds in a melody of elemental emanation.

To observe the Creation in this manner is to see our human interactions as an ongoing choreography of elements; moving with and against each other; creating a cauldron of personal experience.  In such context, our relationships are things of elemental interaction; a steamy romance formed by the union of Fire and Water; a grounded conversation formed by Earth and Air; a loving and emotionally inconstant blend of Water and Water.  Like the alchemies we play with outside of our Selves; the combinations are endless; yet what remains, behind our Face; is the substance of what we are made of; determining the influences we have in the Worlds.

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