The False Story and the Good Story

Our World is made of Stories.  As in, the substance of our World is MADE of Stories.

Yet Stories are more than what they appear on the Surface of awareness.

In the depths, where things really matter; Stories are the very energies that define meaning in the human condition.  They are the subtle gravities; the timbres and textures of our personal and collective mythos that define the cultures and individualities of our incarnate lives.  They are both the vessels and mediums transmitting our earthly experience * and * the very roots of our definition of reality.  “In the Beginning was the Word” and all that, and from that Word came Words; then paragraphs; then narratives …. and the World.

In a very real way, the Stories we tell, the Stories we believe and perceive, define our reality.  The words we use, the ways we interpret and express our experience continually reinforce that experience.  There is a crucial importance to the way in which we are in wielding with the power of Story; for in this we recreate our Worlds.

From the vantage of the Mythica; each individual has a Sacred Story.  Their personal myth.  The adventure of their Life; moving from ignorance to the realization of who they really are.  The revelation of the Gift that lay within them; waiting to be revealed.  This is different from the idea of ‘letting go of your Story’, or rather; ‘letting go of the negative associations you have with your Story that are creating more suffering in your life’.  It is important, when we reframe the ways in which we interpret our experiences, that we recognize that all events in our lives happened for a reason; a reason integrally tied to our heroic journey across the consciousness.  That there is a myth within the madness, and it’s up to us to find it.

Remember that Stories make our Worlds.  And many of our Worlds are suffering.  In a terrible state; where they tell terrible Stories.  Stories of fear, stories of darkness, stories of depression and scarcity.  It is a plague of Words; misused and abused in their sacred power.

A False Story.

And the Truth is … that those Stories are not the Truth.  That we have been living in a lie.  The lie of scarcity.  The lie of terrorism.  That we have been pushed upon with a propaganda of malicious hypnotism, False Stories told around a sputtering fire.

It’s time for the Good Story.  The TRUE Story.  A Story of Abundance; a Story of Fellowship; of Love and of Wonder.  For Stories that remind us of the Goodness of the Universe; for the Truth is, there is Magick everywhere.  There is music in the air.  There is a way to live a better Life.  A more resplendent Life.  That there is myth of our Victory waiting to be heard.

It all depends on which Story we choose.

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