Episode 01 - "Return to Faerie"

In this initial episodes of Into the Mythica, Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis arrive at the edge of Shasta on the rainbow bridge.

As part of the Mythica initiative to showcase the points of view of the Characters sharing the adventure along the rainbow bridge, each portal leads to the viewpoint of that Author as they share the adventure.

In this episode, they meet an ally from the Zen Awakening festival, reminding of the sacred connection to fellow avatar Niekko Chin ...



This first episode of Into the Mythica is free for reading, setting the stage for the ongoing Quest.

As a spiritual project moving into production, we kindly ask that if you have found value in this presentation of the real magical World and our shared connections, that you donate below to help us launch this platform.


You may also purchase the downloadable ePubs of this episode from either point of view or both by clicking the portals below.

Peter's Tale

Yeshua's Tale