The Heroic Journey

Understanding your Path

We are all on a Heroic Journey.  A movement to the fulfillment and revelation of our Divine Purpose.  It is a magickal adventure, across a vibrational landscape of different realms.  It is a journey that moves across the roads of the Surface and Subtle perception of our reality, mapping out the mythical landscape where all our Stories meet.

Understanding the Path

Each one’s Heroic Journey across the timeline of their life is unique.  It is Your sacred Path, the spiritual journey through the circumstances of our lives.  Like a Path through the forest, through a cityscape, across the territories of the World, it winds through many different environments.  Different realms and topographies.

While many beings understand the concept of the physical roads we move through, the maps and terrain of our adventure as can be seen on an ordinary map.  This is the Surface road, the Path as it is seen on the surface of awareness.

Yet beneath this, there is another road.  A Subtle road, which parallels our journey, mapping our movement across the realms of the our vibrational unfoldment.  And while it is not as easily seen, such is the map of the the real territories of our Awakening, the intricate subtleties that define our movement towards the revelation of who we really are.  Such is the most difficult yet rewarding understanding of the World of the Mythica, for it reveals not only our Heroic Journey, but the Landscape upon which that journey travels.


The Surface World

All beings have a Path.  A mystical Path through the circumstances of their lives.  In the Mythica, the real World of our sacred journey, this is a movement through certain textures of vibration.  Realms of consciousness which create the territories of our unfolding mythology.

The Mythica is unique in that she focuses on not only the Heroic Journey of the individual, but the landscape through which that journey moves, and the intersection of the Characters and Archetypes that appear on that Quest, revealing the deeper topography of the World of real magick.

To understand the Heroic Landscape upon which one’s journey progresses, we must see the relationship between the Surface and Subtle perceptions of the Land.

As with all aspects of the magickal World, this is directly related to awareness, the ability to see the vibrational nature of our circumstance and how it relates to our Heroic Journey.

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The Subtle World (The Mythica)

What we encounter on the surface perception of our awareness is but an echo of the Real World which lay beneath.  A movement across a landscape of vibrational realms, all of which relate to the evolution of our particular Self, our heroic journey towards the revelation of the Gift that lay within us.  Understanding this is crucial to navigating one’s way to Heaven on Earth.  When we understand that the circumstances of our Life have a vibrational basis, and that we are moving through the specific realms of that vibration, we start to get a glimpse of the Real World that lay beneath the surface, of which our surface experience is but a shadow.

In the context of the Mythica, this is a movement along the roots of the World Tree, the underlying weave of our individual and collective destinies across the surface and subtle aspects of the Aina, the sacred Land of Myth.