The journey from scarcity to Abundance

6a00e00982526c883301b8d1b8caf6970cAll across the planet, beings are coming to recognize a beautiful Truth.

Scarcity is a sin.  An error, in our relationship with the Creation.  It is the erroneous perception caused by blockages and imprints within the structure of the lens of the Self.

Abundance is our natural condition.  It is our birthright to enjoy expansion, to enjoy Wonder, to experience our right relationship with Work, with manifestation, with Joy.

Gradually, beings are coming to understand this.  That the circumstances of their lives are not the result of outer causes, but rather their inner causes which generate the outer circumstance.

To change this, we must clear the imprints within the Self that are causing the condition.  As we clear up the distortions in our lens that are generating our misperception of the World, Abundance begins to flow towards us, in the form of Ideas, of synchronies of Connection, in unexpected expansions and beautiful circumstance.  While we cannot Know just how the abundance shall come through, what is sure is that as we clear the lens of the Self, we open the channel for more Light to arrive in our incarnate Life.  This can be one of the most difficult things, to recognize that one’s own energetic quality is the cause of one’s manifestation, and that due to the horizon of our current awareness, we may not perceive what that energetic is.  Thankfully, such a thing will continue to show up in our realmsign, the field reflecting back to us the current qualities of our lens of Self.

Key to the manifestation of abundance in our Life is our relationship with the Divine.  Understanding first that the Divine is the source of all abundance, regardless of the form it takes is the first step.  The second is our relationship with that.

When we hold an energetic signature of scarcity, what is it’s cause? At the root, why do we feel the lack? Where do we believe prosperity and manifestation comes from? Such a question must be asked, for it lay at the root of our relationship.  It is integral for us to transform our experience.

In the end, all abundance comes from Source.  Our relationship to Source, how settled we are in this fact, is what affects our energy.  As with all things in the World of Myth, it is important to consider that which is larger than the Self, and adjust our yogas accordingly.

As a transformative exercise for abundance, it is essential that we have a constant sense of Goodwill, of perceiving the abundance that exists around us.  We must become mindful of the state of our own energies, and how they affect our thoughts on the most minute of levels.  And this comes down to one’s relationship with experience.  As Michael Beckwith, famed founder of the Agape spiritual center is fond of quoting, “We live in a Friendly Universe”.  Settling into this reality is integral, if we wish to experience abundance.  We must find a way to have easement, in our circumstance.  To have a sense of support from the Universe.  In essence, we must have a relationship with Source that recognizes this quality of “Friendliness”.

Here are some action steps.  They may seem simple, yet all the best yogas are.  In the end, it is not the outer form that matters, but rather how well we apply the principles.  How deeply we embody the energetic shift in the Self that produces the effect.

  • Sit, and find yourself in a relaxed state.  Breathe deeply.
  • Begin repeating “This is a Friendly universe” to yourself.  Observe the sensations that come up in your body.
  • Breathe through those sensations.  Consider that the Divine is the actual source of abundance; the source of ideas, the source of circumstance, the source of all things.  Realize that there is an infinite supply, and that scarcity is simply a manifestation of a disconnection with that infinite Source of supply.
  • Repeat.  Do 10 breathes, simply reiterating, “This is a Friendly Universe” with the intention of aligning yourself with abundance.  As thoughts come up of scarcity, shift these, as best You can, to feeling supported.

It may seem silly, yet it’s not.  Our manifestation is made of our thoughts and energetic patterns.  To heal these, we must clear the distortion.  We must KNOW that the Universe supports us.  This is the base.

There is always more on this topic.  But for now, keep focusing.





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