The Journey Home

Welcome to the Journey Home.  The first, but not the last Story of Into the Mythica.  A chronology of the 15-year journey to prove the Physics of the Quest and the nature of Realms, to showcase the Characters and Avatars of the Mythica, and provide a framework for the Atlas of Stories.

As a framework for the Yoga of Story, She is the first sacred autobiography, linking back into the Mythica ecosystem, to show the nature of consciousness and prove that by doing the work, applying the techniques, we can change our reality, and that of the World, for the better.  Each year links to a timeline, which features a number of chapters, which illuminate the journey from chaos back to clarity, from madness to majesty. May You be inspired by this tale, and travel deeper into your own Mythica, and live your Myth.

Sincerely, Peter Fae

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Current Story

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