2002 - The Call to Adventure

02 October 2002

2002-10-2 - "The Garden Island"

After receiving the vision at Pacha Mama to take the workshop in ‘Huna shamanism’ from Serge Ki

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31 August 2002

2002-8-31 - "Blackrock - Iron & Fire"

The Quest leads me once more to Blackrock, the City of Dreams … where I encounter many avatars of

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07 July 2002

2002-7-1 - "Pacha Mama"

The Quest leads me to the realms of Costa Rica, to a community known as Pacha Mama.  After my

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10 February 2002

2002-2-10 - "The Faerytale Brigade"

It was then I heard the Call, to head out on the Questto Trust the song that sat within, the beat w

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