2007 - Academy Year IV

30 Jun

2007-6-10 - "The Elphinstone Coat"

At last, the six-month wait is over.  Copper Chris, whom I recognize in the Mythica as a master sha

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05 Jul

2007-7-5 - "The King of Trolls"

Having left the realms of the elves, I make my way down I-5, using the energy of the roadways to shi

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22 Jul

2007-7-14 - "The Rose of Story"

The Quest leads me down to the City of Stories once more, to the labyrinth of Jareth, a portal betwe

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07 Aug

2007-8-7 - "Apprentices"

I go on a deep adventure with the other apprentices of the Academy, practicing our elemental magic a

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12 Aug

2007-8-12 - "Shamballa"

The paths of the Commonwealth start to make more sense for me as I navigate my way to the Shamballa

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10 Sep

2007-9-10 - "The Day of Peace"

Once more Hjeron O'Sidhe appears in the field in perfect synchronicity as we meet at the Day of Peac

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19 Nov

2007-11-19 - "Calliiope's Dream"

I am able to manifest a home for the first time! It feels a vast movement into the understanding of

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