2009 - Faerie Roads

11 Feb

2009-2-11 - "Journey to the Shire"

I must leave the mountains.  I resolve to follow the trail of my kinbrother McLain to a place calle

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20 May

2009-5-20 - "Faerie Roads"

The majestic Faerie Roads adventure, where I receive a prophecy to travel to the Green realms of Sco

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24 Sep

2009-9-24 - "Cleansing with the Kami"

Deeply intent on clearing the agitations and imbalance of Fire within my form, I make my way back to

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25 Nov

2009-11-25 - "The Vedic Realms"

Having left the Academy, I encounter the Shoe Tree, and from there, make my way to the Vedic realms

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