2012 - Brave New World

09 Jan

2012-1-9 - "Onedoorland"

As I return from my stay at Aerious, I receive an invitation to visit Katie Rose, the beautiful prie

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27 Jan

2012-1-27 - "The Tribal Convergence"

As I live within the sacred space of Onedoorland, I learn more about the magi and priestesses of the

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07 Apr

2012-4-7 - "Isle of the Gods"

Following the vision to bring Akira Chan, Adelaide Marcus, Katie Rose and myself to the Island of th

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20 May

2012-5-20 - Return to Blinking Sun

Once more the ritual of the solar eclipse arrives, and the many tribes of the emergence make their w

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01 Jul

2012-7-1 - "The Goddess Temple"

The nature of the Quest unfolds before me as I am led to attend a gathering at the Wellsprings of th

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23 Jul

2012-7-23 - "Lord & Lady McLain"

The sacred wedding of Noah & Marla McLain, attended by many of the royals of Faerie and our shar

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25 Jul

2012-7-25 - "Return of the Faerytale Brigade"

As I return to New York for the passing of my brother Tyler, I re-encounter the members of the Fairy

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28 Jul

2012-7-28 - "Clans of Faerie"

After the mystical reunion of the Fairytale Brigade in New York, I make my annual pilgrimage to the

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03 Aug

2012-8-3 - "Illumination"

James accepts my invitation to leave the grey angles of the City to join me in the realms of Cascadi

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11 Aug

2012-8-11 - "The Divine Mother"

Continuing his adventure into the realms of the Mythica from New York, James joins me in the sacred

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17 Aug

2012-8-17 - "Shadows in the Green"

One of the most challenging movements through the realms of Shadow occurs for me once more in the sa

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29 Aug

2012-8-29 - "Brothers of Light"

Vogel and I make our way deeper into the realms of Fire, invoking the pilgrimage to Blackrock, the C

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10 Oct

2012-10-4 - "Universal Heroes"

The sense of betrayal, of raw, unfiltered rage pours through me as I am held over for over 16 hours

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21 Dec

2012-12-21 - "In Darkest Knight"

The psychic beatings continue in a neverending storm of emotional pain.  During this time, the prop

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