2013 - Family & Fortune

10 Feb

2013-2-10 - "Life Visioning"

The pain is so constant.  The depression, the darkness, the rainfall.  I feel shunned and unloved

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15 Feb

2013-2-15 - "The Apothecary"

Feeling deeply disconnected from society, money draining away towards the lease on the huge house, u

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09 May

2013-5-9 - "The Mohawk Tea House"

I must escape from the expense of the house.  It is difficult to focus, the heaviness of the Shadow

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17 May

2013-5-17 - "Awaken"

I called this episode 'Awaken - The Deva of Seva' ....   Characters Appearing in this Episo

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19 Jun

2013-6-19 - "Return to Valhalla"

I face yet another challenge of the redemption of the Divine Masculine and the patterns of alpha dom

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27 Jun

2013-5-27 - "Temple of the Mother"

At last I feel the resonance to visit the temple of the avatar Amma Chi. Many times have I heard men

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26 Jul

2013-7-26 - "Rise of the Water Phoenix"

There is really so much intense magic that went on during the Rise of the Water Phoenix episode that

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11 Aug

2013-8-11 - "The Scent of Love"

I return to Beloved.  In a moment of myth, I encounter a princess in the sacred market ...  

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10 Sep

2013-9-10 - "Vipassana"

My consciousness was deeply in a mess.   I couldn't focus, could barely manage my energies.  It fe

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22 Sep

2013-9-22 - "Oberon's Door"

After being summarily kicked out of the City of Portals on every conceivable level, I drive Victory

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25 Sep

2013-9-25 - "Knights & Churches"

The substance of the Mythica deeply reveals herself in this episode, where, following the lines of p

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26 Oct

2013-10-26 - "The Goblin Ball"

Life in the Shire continues as I work on my inner landscape in the sanctuary of David Lovere's.  At

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07 Nov

2013-11-7 - "The Experts Academy"

Recognizing that in order to create a portal of Opening for the people and ground myself into the fi

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11 Nov

2013-11-11 - "Mark of the Unicorn"

I refuse to pass through the towne of Petaluma without visiting my wizard and priestess allies in th

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15 Dec

2013-12-15 - "The Path of Pono"

Battered and bruised from my experiences in the City of Portals, I am deeply grateful to David Lover

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