2014 - The Dharma Kings

16 Jan

2014-1-16 - "Heaven & Earth"

The application of ho'oponopono as a practice of clearing the self and allowing more abundance to fl

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25 Jan

2014-1-25 - "Paladin of Faerie"

Whilst living in the Shire of Ashland, Lord Oberon (Jordan Mackay) invites me to a gathering for wha

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23 Feb

2014-2-23 - "Gifts of the Mother"

It is here, at Heaven and Earth, that I am finally able to grasp the barest of tendrils of grounding

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12 Apr

2014-4-12 - "In the Name of Love"

I wanted so badly to make it to the realms of Love.  To be in the flushness of a relationship, one

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21 Apr

2014-4-21 - "Priestess of Pono"

There is disharmony in the house.  Boundaries being crossed, agreements being broken.  It falls to

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01 May

2014-5-1 - "Roses of Beltane"

One of the most memorable and significant moments on the Quest happened on Beltane in 2014, where I

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03 Jun

2014-6-3 - "Lions, Tigers & Wolves"

I move through the territories of Faerie once more as Adi Shakti and I travel northwards on a missio

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25 Jun

2014-5-25 - "The Faery Pools"

I return to the Faery Pools once more to cleanse and clarify, working with the deva of the Aina to t

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26 Jun

2014-4-26 - "The Fairy Congress"

At long last, the Path leads me to the Fairy Congress.  Many times have I heard of this gathering,

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26 Jul

2014-7-26 - "Healed by the Forest"

Through a providences of misunderstanding, Adi, Chase and I make the trek to the gathering at the sa

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04 Aug

2014-8-4 - "Sailing the Seas of We"

Portals appear in many ways, the impressions of the underlands expressing themselves through a varie

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10 Aug

2014-8-10 - "Guardians of Love"

Adi and I return to the fields of Beloved.  It is a magical time, and I feel light, lighter than I

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16 Aug

2014-8-16 - "The Village of Peace"

The more I witness my Path, the more clearly I come to see the paths through the Mythica.  The many

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24 Aug

2014-8-24 - "The Sacred Alchemy"

Following the promise made at the Fairy Congress, I travel to the gathering of Sacred Alchemy, this

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15 Sep

2014-9-15 - "House of Lions"

Where shall I go, now that the sanctuary at Heaven and Earth is dissolving? I feel unsure.  Followi

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14 Dec

2014-12-14 - "Wynden Keep"

Burned from Adi's insistence that I leave the temple and with no other recourse, I make my way north

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