2017 - Love thy Self

10 Mar

2017-3-10 - Yoga Quest

Kundra Rose and I make the jump along the rainbow bridge back to the Island of the Gods, making our

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18 Mar

2017-3-18 - "Bards & Kings"

A gathering occurs on the island,  collecting many of the avatars of the Mythica to it's sacred ema

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11 May

2017-5-11 - Roses in Water

The Aina is so healing.  Kundra Rose, her ally and I make our way along the paths of the Mythica to

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03 Jul

2017-7-3 - "9 Angels"

Following the hint from the traveler I meet in the realms of Kismet, I find my way to '9 Angels', a

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17 Aug

2017-8-17 - "A Pirate Story"

At last the time comes to join the pirates on their journey across the ocean! We are to leave from t

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27 Aug

2017-8-27 - "Pyramids of Chi"

The Quest leads me to the pyramids of chi, a sanctuary radiant with healing energies along the Ley o

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12 Sep

2017-9-12 - "Agents of the Akasha"

I receive a transmission from one of the avatars, recognizing himself as such in the field.  This l

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20 Sep

2017-9-20 - "The Royal Yogas"

The Mythica continues to build.  I feel my awareness clarifying, the mana of the land transforming

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18 Nov

2017-11-18 - "Zen Awakening"

Returning from the Isle of the Gods, I fulfill my agreement with Niekko Chin, meeting Yeshua in the

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05 Dec

2017-12-5 - The Nectar of Naples

With the manifested vehicle, we are able to make the journey southwards, to meet with Allowah Lion,

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