2018 -The Rainbow Bridge

25 December 2018

2018-12-25 - "The Chrysalis Temple"

We are invited deeper into the realms of Love, arriving with a number of avatars for the initiation

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17 December 2018

2018-12-17 - "The Temple of Peace"

OUTLINE – The Quest across the realms of the Akasha leads us to Satya Douglas, an avatar of the M

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15 December 2018

2018-12-15 - "Return to the Mother"

At last I make it back to the islands of the Mother.  To the mystic realms of what is currentl

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12 December 2018

2018-12-12 - "Opening the Rainbow Gate"

At LAST! We have shifted the energies within to manifest the monies necessary to leave the winterla

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26 August 2018

2018-8-26 - "The Heart of Faerie"

Given passage by King Emilio & Queen Kelly, we make it to the gathering of the tribes at Faerie

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27 July 2018

2018-7-27 - Earth & Sky

13 July 2018

2018-7-13 - "Entering Cascadia"

We enter Cascadia, stopping at the majesty of Shasta to give honour to the deva and move into the r

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12 July 2018

2018-7-12 - "Leaving the Southlands"

With the help of Cos and his earth-magic, Yeshua and I were able to rent a vehicle.  Capable o

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18 May 2018

2018-5-18 - "The Fields of Lavender"

After encountering Niekko Chin once more in the towne of Encinitas, he told us about a place ca

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25 April 2018

2018-4-25 - "Eve's"

As is my habit, I find myself time and again at the speakeasy of Eve’s a gathering place for the

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14 April 2018

2018-4-14 - "Edge of the Commonwealth"

After giving up my sacred instrument at the Magician’s Oasis, we manage the financial mana necess

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21 March 2018

2018-3-21 - "The Magician's Oasis"

The Mythica crystallizes along with the deep inner work that is being done.  We can feel the d

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