2015 - Union of the Kingdoms

01 Feb

2015-2-1 - "The Castle"

There is a kind of inevitability to the events that transpired during the 'Castle' episode of the Jo

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22 Feb

2015-2-22 - "The Woodland Guardians"

I am invited by Jesse Wynden to come to the Mythic Worlds festival, an offshoot of the Faerieworlds

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21 Apr

2015-4-21 - "Womb of the Mother"

The realms of Earth open to me as Fern DeFay and a number of the feral nobility of Faerie invite me

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13 May

2013-5-13 - "Lightning in a Bottle"

I am invited by Nature Dreamweaver to join him in the construction of his sacred NEST during the Lig

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28 May

2015-5-28 - "Guardians of the Goddess"

01 Jun

2015-6-1 - "A Gift of Roses"

As I make my way into the City of Portals, I consider the reverberations of the deep clearing I have

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24 Jun

2015-6-24 - "Union of the Kingdoms"

A major challenge awaits me during the Union of the Kingdoms gathering, where I am asked by Samavesh

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04 Jul

2015-4-4 - "Initiations"

Clearly I am in the realms of Water and the Divine Feminine as the conditions of that reality emerge

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25 Jul

2015-7-25 - "Future Peak"

Following the events of the Union of the Kingdoms, Dakota Chanel and I find sanctuary at the mountai

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