The Journey Home

Join the Quest.  Walk the rainbow road to a new reality.
 Follow the adventures of Peter Fae deeper into the Mythica, the real magical World.
13 July 2018

E01 - "Return to Faerie"

In the introduction episode to Into the Mythica, Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis arrive at the headwaters

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14 July 2018

TJH-E02 - The Great Story

Leaving the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, the team moves through the Shire of Ashland, inspiring a deep

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15 July 2018

TJH-E03 - The Emerald City

After invoking trust in the Divine, the equipment crucial to publishing is taken out of the picture.

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20 July 2018

TJH-E04 - Return to Wynden Keep

Having faced the challenges of the Country Fair, Peter and Yeshua make it to Wynden Keep reuniting w

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27 July 2018

TJH-E05 - Earth and Sky

Given sanctuary in the faerie realm of Livingwell, Peter and Yeshua continue to face the shadows of

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18 August 2018

TJH-E06 - Faerie Royale

A meeting of avatars of Avalon at the fabled Wynden Keep.  The return of Dakota Chanel.  Peter Fae

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24 August 2018

TJH-E07 - "Heart of Faerie"

In this episode, Peter and Yeshua make their way to the Heart of Faerie, deep within the Faerieworld

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04 September 2018

TJH-E08 - Shadows & Light

Our heroes must face the splinters and shadows and question the nature of their manifestation within

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03 October 2018

TJH-E09 - Destiny of the Fae

In great synchronicity multiple agents of Avalon arrive.  Here, the pathlines of the adventurers co

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21 October 2018

TJH-E10 - The Temple of Story

Constantly questioning the nature of their manifestation and the belief in a Friendly universe, the

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