The Journey to Heaven on Earth

A constant throughout many of the emergent beings along the Quest has been the movement to Heaven on Earth.

The idea that Paradise exists, and it is attained through our inner transformation.

Such is the core of our many sacred paths.  To make our way home.  To the health and wholeness, the expanded awareness of the glory of the Creation and the experience of Heaven on Earth that is our birthright.

It is the gravity, the insistent pulse of the ‘promise’, that we CAN live in a better and brighter World.  That there is a way back to the Garden, to a more heavenly Earth than we have known.

This is the foundation of the Mythica.  Defining the landscape of our journey across the skin of Gaia, across the many conditions of our experience, in the shared quest to make our way to Heaven on Earth.

Such a thing is intrinsically connected to the yogas of being, for it is the substance of our ‘beingness’ that we work with in any transformational act.  In order to move deeper into the Mythica, one must refine the substance of their self, do the actions necessary to clear the lens of their perception so as to have access to that brighter paradigm of reality.

We must do the work. Clear our bodies and minds and return to alignment with the natural World, for in doing so, we discover the magic and wonder that lay within us and clear the way to a more beautiful perception and reception of reality. We make our way, hand in hand, back to the Garden. To the abundance, the fellowship and grace that is our birthright.

Yet how do we do this? If Heaven on Earth is a place, how to do we there from wherever we are at? How do we distinguish the road that leads us from one reality to another, ever-closer to our goal of a harmonious existence?

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